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@zande Hi Sally, thanks for your response.

I think I checked out your website before this forum and it was really helpful, and I sent you an email then, but I sent you another one before I realised!

I just wanted to check that you've received them, my emails got the same start as my username.

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I'm looking to become an owner of a Basenji, and I'm based in South East London, close to Kent. Don't mind travelling a little bit, but would need to be in England for ease of transport.

I know that breeding usually takes place at a particular time of the year, so would like to get in touch with any breeders for the next season and be put on waiting list.

Alternatively, happy to adopt / rescue and if anyone knows of any dogs needing a forever home, pls do let me know.

Would be living with 2 adults, but we also have visits from 2 children occasionally, so would need to be accustomed / advice on getting a pup accustomed with seeing young children (currently under 10)

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