Looking for a male Basenji puppy

I've had quite the time trying to find a spring litter, because before I did research I had no idea that there was a breeding season for the Basenji. I do know that they are possible, but most pups have been spoken for by now,
I'm looking for a male, preferably red or brindle, but I'm so eager at this point I don't really mind the color.

Thank you in advance for replies ❤

Are you wanting a pet or to breed and show?

Just a pet, sorry should have mentioned that.

Would you consider a Rescue? There are lots available at all different ages. Visit www.basenjirescue.org

I would think that unless has a puppy returned from last winters litters, you will have a hard time finding a puppy this time of year. Yes, there are a few, very few litters in summer, but not many

Yes, I am considering 🙂 I already filled out the forms for basenjirescue.org
After talking with my family, we're willing to take a rescue pup from from last winter, hopefully I'l get a reply soon.

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