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This is a late answer but for someone who might read this in the future we will post it anyway. The risk is much higher to the animal and it certainly raises the risk the animal bleeding out. There is also more swelling. We were going to have our Show Basenji spayed this year. She went into heat slightly early and our vet said that we should wait until after the heat was over before he felt comfortable doing the spay for the reasons mentioned.

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We second the suggestion to take the puppy to the vet. Who really knows what might be wrong with that puppy. Do you know where this puppy came from originally? Do you know if it has had any of its puppy shots? Sounds like this puppy needs a complete physical including a worm check and or treatment. We suggest, that you get this puppy to the vet as soon as possible. In the mean time you should attempt to find out the history of this puppy and any treatment ( puppy shots/worming) or anything else it might have had from the woman that brought it over to your mothers work buddies. Also see if you can get a number where you can talk to that woman directly in case you or your vet need more information. While what you do is up to you, standard procedure for us, it always to take any new puppy we get to vet as soon possible. We do this for the health, welfare, and safety of the animal and as a precautionary step.

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Honestly there has just has not been enough imformation provided to make beneficial suggestions. If this poster still happens to be reading this thread, although not logged in, we would suggest they might take their pet in for additional testing, and possible observation by a veterinarian.

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Hi! I have been a basenji owner for 26 years. I recently lost my best friend and am looking for a red/white male basenji 5 -8 years of age. We live in Broward Cty, Florida. Thank you.

Candi, have you attempted to get in touch with Brat? Basenji rescue and transport! Check out the website for contact information and the dogs they have available for adoption.

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LOL! Tanza, this thread was just kind of a funny anecdote…. we all know b's are special! :)! I thought that too, and dogs are not 'wired' with that emotion 🙂 but Basenji are truly different, no? Yes, of course they are!! The love of my life has returned to his 'normal' B self! actually is very attentive, loving, and actually is obeying me more! recall is faster too! We have put it in the past!_
Maybe I should step on his toes more often! HA HA HA!!!!!
I think having Jaydie here is mellowing him out too.

Buddys Pal, we are certainly glad to read that and very happy for you. We personally have a lot of respect for Tanza. From what we have found out, Tanza has many years of experience in the Basenji world, breeding, showing, training, and finishing champions. This is not just in the show ring but in other competitions as well. For us this speaks volumes and means that Tanza is a very valuable resource inside this forum and out. From what we understand her experience comes from years of real time hands on with the dogs and not just some article she read somewhere online or elsewhere.

We did not know of Tanza prior to joining the forum but have learned of her outside of it. We have grown to respect her and her accomplishments. This includes what she has posted in the forum in discussion, and we have learned from her wisdom within it. We certainly do not want to get accused of putting her up on a pedestal but we do put a lot of stock in her words and advice. This is especially true when it comes to forum discussions regarding Basenji Breeding, Behavior, and training methods. If we were seeking advice in regard to Basenjis, Tanza would be one of the first if not the first people on our list we would seek out._

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O.K. not feeding this anymore. Putting you on ignore. Go fight with someone else.

We had no idea we were fighting, but then maybe this is just a good example of you projecting you emotions on someone else which is very similar to what Tanza had stated in her opinion that humans do to their dogs. To the original poster of the thread, we hope that your black and blue marks get better soon. We know that our Basenji's are not fond of getting their feet stepped on either. So have things pretty much returned to normal for you now that you are home and back in the pack?

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First of all, I didn't start this thread. I replied to a question posed by someone else. Secondly, if you want to "put the E-collar thing to bed once and for all", why would you resurrect a thread that has been inactive since September?

It really does not matter who started this thread or when, that was not the point or intention of our statements was it? Our question was not directed at that either! It was a good try at deflection on your part, but how about we attempt to stick to the subject of question that we asked!

Off topic: By the way in these 6 pages of posts alone you have 22 out of the 54 posts as we count them.

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How nice to see you back on the forum. Your amazing insight has been sorely missed! If you have actually read anything I have posted regarding electric collars, you would know I use one to ensure my dog's safety when off leash, nothing more. I was not seeking training advice on this thread, but simply sharing some anecdotes about Basenji behaviour.

What makes you believe we have been off the forum? We are glad you like and value our insight. From what we read this post was about the experience that another person had when they went on vacation and came home and accidentally stepped on a dogs paw. At least that is what we saw at the beginning of these posts.

Several posts down, we see that you now it has become about how your dog loses control and is pushed past (as you described it) over threshold. We guess that means out of control or something. Then you go on and mention two female dogs you owned previously and make a joke of them biting each other.

We are sorry, but we fail to see what all of that has to do with the purpose of the original post. That is why we responded as we did. We agree with the assessment that Tanza has made. That humans put their emotions or project them emotions/feelings to an amimal.

We stand by our response in regard to the behavior you posted in regard to your own dogs Perry's Behavior. We also stand by what we mentioned as far as pack animal behavior that takes place when several dogs/bitches reside within the same home/house. If you did not want that behavior commented on, then why did you post it? As we mentioned it was not relevant to the original post, but when you post behaviors such as what you described in a chat forum, you know as well as we do, that you open them up for comments.

As to how and what you use your electronic shock collar for, as far as we know you have used to to train your dog so you did not have to walk him on a leash and now you also claim you use it for safety purposes. Since none of us are there to see how you use it, there really is not point in disputing it, so its a moot point. You have your view and others have their views.

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Oh yes, there is something to sell all right. It is the idea that they shouldn't be used. People who are against choice often design studies to back up their point of view. I would like the freedom to make up my own mind about issues, and if I am on the opposite side of something I don't want to be forced to accept that it is their way or the highway. Too many controversial subjects come to mind where the "tyranny of the majority" decides, and too bad if you hold the minority viewpoint. Prove to me that I am abusing my dog…....prove it by his behaviour or whatever scientific controlled study method you wish.......but use the criteria that I employ, not those designed to have a negative result. Most of the studies I have looked at, including those you link to, are just poorly designed, bad science.

Yes, a Basenji can, I have done it. My first girl was as solid as could be. I walked her off leash in the city, I had her follow me down country roads while I rode my horse. in hindsight, perhaps I trusted her more than I should have, but she never let me down. That said, my others have been variable in their reliability. And as I get older I am more of a "belt & suspenders" kinda gal. As far as the e-collar not being 100%, show me something that is. In my experience as of this writing, it is for me, but never say never. A leash can break (or be chewed through!) and isn't a sure thing either. So what?

Ah, something we can agree with! I enjoy discussions. I enjoy them less when they get heated and personal and everyone goes away mad.

The more we see you write about e-collars on this chat board, the more it appears that to us that you are attempting to use this forum to sell the e-collar concept and use of them to others. Since this keeps surfacing what it says to us is that you clearly have a hidden agenda . So how do we put the E-collar thing to bed once and for all?

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I can have a problem with transferred aggression with my guy. He dislikes other dogs, particularly ones that lunge and bark at him when we are out walking. He goes over threshold and I have to be careful to keep my anatomy out of his reach under those circumstances. When I had my two girls, in similar circumstances they would attack each other! When you can't bite the one you want to bite, bite the one you're with! 🙂

If I pick Perry up when he is comfortable, he will snark and sometimes grab at my hand. He doesn't bite down, however. I usually just ask him if he's sure he wants to do that, and he quits. I don't like to tempt fate, so I try to be diplomatic most of the time.

Based on what we have seen posted in the past and accepted as humane training by some, we are surprised that you did not use an electric shock collar to correct this unwanted behavior.

Now for a more intelligent and serious approach!

In our opinion, there are certainly territorial and pack issues going on. If you have owned multiple dogs or show dogs then you will understand what we are about to post. When one or more of the pack member/s leave the normal area of the house/home then it disrupts or changes the order in the pack. The hierarchy in the pack also changes when the pack member/s return to the home/house as the members will attempt to re-establish their positions within the hierarchy. This can also affect the pack members who never left because they feel the affects of any change and a need to re-assert themselves and their positions.

Is the the Dog that out of control that you have to pick him up? If so maybe there is more of an issue there then you are addressing and maybe picking up that dog when it surfaces and allowing the behavior to continue is just re-enforcement of undesirable behavior. Is your dog on leash when this is happening or is your dog running free?

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