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Hi all,

I will travel to USA. and would like to have multi parasite tablets for my Basenji? (It is not possible to find in Turkey. ) Do you have any recommendation any product? I prefer long term effect tablets.


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She is getting what she wants, with this face look 🙂

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Hi All,

Finally we got our new baby to home! Thank you for your all recommendation. By the way no any way to find Basenji in Turkey. Should import some country!


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@donc Hi,

I decide to have girl. But not yet find right one! I am trying to be careful for choose breeders. I think December is best time for new puppy.

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Yes i think, THY is better. kindly find THY related web page for more information.


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@nancyss 🙂 I am also so exciting for posted my daughter photos with (Heidi) 🙂 my daughter would like to her Heidi:)... I just need couple of days for bring our new girl member of family 🙂

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@nancyss hi Nancy, thank you for your replay. I am waiting cabin care my puppy next to me from turkish airlines. this is so important I do not want let her to under airplane 😉 I will keep you update. thank you for your interesting.


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hi all,

thank you very much for your replay. I am so far from to see momy and daddy. unfortunity in my country (turkey) no basenji live. i am not searching show dog, just we would like to add lovely member of family.

all the best!

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Hi all,

I would like to have new Basenji puppy. I do not have option to see dad an mom in real. Therefore i would like to have your advice about my target puppy from all expert owners of Basenji.
How can i understand original blood or not?

Can you send me your comment on review of the attached photos?

I am worry his ear is not up (1 month old)

0_1539087591907_IMG_20181001_171546_458 (1).jpg


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