Looking for a young Basenji or Young adult in the midwest area, I am from Illinois.

Been searching for a Basenji to adopt for about a month now and can't seem to find one, can anyone help me out.

Have you looked at Basenji Rescue & Transport?

This might be just what you're searching for.....

Go to www.basenji.org and search for responsible breeders by state. Basenji breeding season is typically in the Fall, so most all pups are born November/December and responsible breeders have reservation lists. You will have a hard time finding a pup this time of year. You are most likely looking at Winter 2017. Time is now to start working with a breeder

Also, check with Camp Basenji. Although she's in FL, she has homes up north and is willing to transport to the right home.

Contact her because she doesn't list most dogs on the site.

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