Looking for a Basenji (Paisley, Glasgow area)

  • Hi , my friends papa is looking for a Basenji puppy male . He is located Paisley just outside Glasgow , if any breeders are online could you get in contact please . Thanks

  • Is your friends Father able to use the Internet? (just curious)

  • @jodiemck100 Nothing around anywhere in UK now for a 12 month. Basenji bitches are once a year girls and in the northern hemisphere come into season Sept / Oct / Nov for whelping Nov / Dec / Jan. Then they take a well earned rest, and the breeders relax until it is time to think about pairings again. Puppies will have been scattered into their new homes by now.

    Best get onto a waiting list - if you can find one not already full - for winter 2021 - 2022. Many breeders have carried their lists over - one breeder said he has enough enquiries / orders for four years. I had 240 (so far and still counting) enquiries since Lockdown and I haven't bred for over 10 years. That will give you an idea of the scale of the demand.

  • @zande - Very true Zande and also the litter size for Basenji are typically only 4 to 6 pups... so available pups are very limited.

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