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Thanks for the quick replies, will definitely be using that information! Also, when I say "a dog is a dog", I mean that I think people place too much of their decision on the appearance of the pups, rather than their personality and temperament, and also wanted to communicate that I'm on a budget and don't need a perfect $3000 show dog. I understand the objection though!

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I've been searching for a Basenji breeder within roughly 5 hours driving distance of Ballground, Georgia, ideally with with a litter that would allow me to purchase in December or January. As far as my exact requirements, I don't have that many. A dog is a dog! That being said, I definitely want a female, definitely not a brindle coat, and I don't need a show dog, as long as she is healthy! If you know of anyone in this area (even if the DOB pushes their purchase past January) please let me know! Thanks!

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