Looking for a Basenji in BC, Canada

Well I've done my homework over the past several weeks and I'm looking for a Basenji puppy or possibly an older dog.

Having difficulty finding many breeders in my area and hoping this may give me some leads.

I'm open to Washington as well (thanks Sharron) but would prefer a local breeder if possible 🙂

Have you tried contacting the Basenji club in Canada?


They should be able to direct to possible more local breeders

Yep - there was only one listed near me… I spoke to her but she happened to be relocating to the East coast the next day :|

Here is the link to the Basenji Club of Canada's breeder directory, http://www.basenjiclubofcanada.com/BCOC-BreedersDirectory.html

Here is the link to the Basenji Club of America's breeder directory,

Here is the link to the breeder directory from The Basenji magazine,

Each has 1 breeder from BC and they are all different.

Try the Upton's on the BCOA list. I know Tulia is our new BC Director, and I believe she now lives on the West Coast.

I know of 3 adults 1 BW boy 5 one I think Brindle that is 6 and a RW that is 9 this is years not months. If you are interested in animals of that age - you can find my home page under my name and contact me through there.

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