• Hi. My partner and i live in Barcelona, Spain and have been searching for a Basenji, without much success, for too long! We work from home during the week, live by a huge park and spend most weekends outside in the mountains so we would love to have a dog to join us 🙂

    If you know of any dog being adopted or bred/sold in Spain we are happy to travel to pick up. Ideally it would be 6 months +, even an older dog would be good with us!


  • There is a world out there. We lived in HAWAII and got ours from N.Z. He cost us $2,000 but worth it, most of the cost was airfare for him.

  • Oddly enough, there is another person in Spain needing to rehome their Basenji puppy. The fellow's girlfriend does not like dogs. The topic is "Basenji puppy for adoption (Spain)" and the guy is @Luc21. Hope you can contact him.

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