• I am looking to get a basenji in Christmas season. I have contacted a lot of breeders and many have been tons of help. I understand it is up to nature. I was just wondering if it is likely that a puppy can be 8 weeks old by December 25th. I searched on world dog finder and found an add for a puppy. She said I could be put on the list and it could be possible to have them ready by then. Is this because it gets colder there faster? Also if any breeders are able to let me know if they usually have a litter ready by then please let me know. Just wondering if I should continue looking for basenjis internationally?

  • @nico - There could be one at that age, but I will tell you that from most all responsible breeders, placing a pup over a holiday is not advisable. Most all Basenjis are born in Nov/Dec/Jan so in order for a pup to be of age in December they would need to be born October and that said, at least in the US, Basenjis are placed at 10 to 12wks. You would be better off to just supply pictures of a pup if a Christmas gift with puppy gifts for when your new puppy would come home.

  • I would never sell a Basenji puppy as a potential Christmas Present ! (and I don't know any responsibile breeders who would either)

    Presents often get the wrapping torn off and are then discarded - how about waiting until after the festive season when things have calmed down and you have time to cope with the exigencies of a new puppy ?

    Tanza's idea of giving a photo might work but a live puppy under foot on Christmas Day, among all the relatives and parcels - No.

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