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There are many. Just google "domain age checker"

One I have used is this:

Agree, both sites need to be shut down due to them being a scam:

[removed URL links]

Good Luck!

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Anyone wanting to check the legitimacy of a website can run a simple domain age check. There are many websites that offer this check at no cost. If you run *basenjipuppycrush" (who claims to be in business since 1992) in a domain age checker you will see this:

Domain Age: 0 Years 0 Month 7 Days
Domain Created: 2020-12-09

Scam, Scam, Scam!!!

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I know we should have reserved months ago but we are still looking for a female basenji puppy to join our pack. I have submitted many inquires to other breeders but if anyone here come across an opportunity, it would be greatly appreciated to be contacted. Much thanks.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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