• Hey there everyone,

    Looking for a male basenji puppy. I'm located in Southern California but willing to travel as needed to pick up my new friend.

    I've reached out to several breeders but no hits so far on getting on a list for 2021 or finding existing available pups, so I figured posting here seemed like a good idea πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much,


  • Check your messages.

  • Hi Charlie, I am fostering a Basenji for a rescue, EAPL (Evergreen Animal Protective League) in Colorado. Just found out today that Bonnie is pregnant and due to have 4 pups in a couple of weeks. Check EAPL's website periodically as they will be posted for adoption when they are ready if you're still looking.

  • Everyone here is so freakin' help, thank you all πŸ™‚

    That's awesome @khh819 , reaching out to them now!

  • Also check out this website - 4 rescues

  • Cast your net afar. We lived in Hawaii and got ours from N.Z. Cost was $2,000 Air cost mostly . He was well worth it. Both Amer and Ca champ.


  • Also check out:
    Male Basenji rescued

  • Basenji puppies are typically only born in Nov/Dec/Jan as they only come in season once a year.
    I would be happy to talk to you about Basenjis. However as far as I know all responsible breeders on the West Coast already have full reservation lists. You would be looking at litters possible in 2021. This is the time to connect with a responsible breeder and get on their reservation lists for 2021 you can search for Basenjis at www.basenji.org (Parent Basenji Club of America) and search by state. And if you are looking for a dog that is hypoallergenic, Basenjis do shed and have dander so they are not really hypoallergenic. While they can do well with people with allergies, you need to spend time with them and more than one time. Be sure that you check out health testing yourself, regardless of what you might be advised. Tests for DNA testing is public knowledge at www.ofa.org. You need to have either a registration number or name to check this out for yourself to verify. I suggest all people looking for a Basenji, even my own, do this.

  • Thanks @tanza thanks for all of that info. I was actually able to find a breeder recommended by the Basenji Club of America that has puppies available. Chatting with the breeder tomorrow. Hoping the interview goes well, don't see why it shouldn't!

  • @yahtzee92 - Please note that the Basenji Club of America does not "recommend" breeders. The listings you see are paid for by club members, they are not endorsed by the club. So still you need to do your homework. Here is a link on questions to ask breeders https://basenji.org/index.php/about-basenjis/screen-breeders

  • Thanks @tanza , noted. I used that questionnaire while chatting with the breeder just now and everything seemed sound. Looks like I should be welcoming a new basenji into my home within the next couple of months.

    Thanks everyone for your help here, its all been very much appreciated πŸ™‚

  • @yahtzee92 Just make sure you see Mom with the pups if at all possible and you definitely see the health certificates of both parents. OFA website is public domain - anyone can research on it.

    Tanza is right. Any puppy farmer can pay the BCOA and get listed. It doesn't mean there is any BCOA recommendation or guarantee.

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