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@zande said in Screaming must stop!:

@tanza Vets seem to vary over here in the advice they give. Some insist on not leaving the premises until the final jab - but of how many - two or these days it seems to be three ?

My vet says a couple of days after the 2nd jab is OK but some of Kito's siblings have been told to wait for the third. Others say ok after the first.

Personally, I think its OK to be careful after they have some protection and would agree with @tanza. No dog parks or heavily frequented areas, no sniffing dog's poo - somewhere quiet where the pup and you can relax.

As for socialising - I have an excellent sling and mine have gone out with the older dogs, carried around my shoulders and not touching the ground but meeting all kinds of strange looking critturs including horses !

Been using a sling which has been great.. brought him to a bunch of places in it already.

Finding a area people don't frequent in LA? Ha.. I did let him out to eliminate on a hike in areas "off the path" which I felt were acceptable.

Anyways, he gets his last jab in a week. I've been careful so far so I can wait the extra 7 days to start walking him properly.

@tanza My vet strongly advised to wait til the 3rd jab so I'm erring on the side of caution. LA is just too heavily trafficked and everyone seems to have a dog these days.

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@tanza said in Basenji digging at doors, corners, etc.:

@yahtzee92 - How old? And yes they do have a good sense of smell and hearing... my one boy would dig at the dishwasher... and sure enough, we did have mice....

He is 14 weeks old now.

This place was treated for roaches (noticed a couple small ones but had them come).. perhaps he is sensing there are more....

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My basenji boy seems to have been taken over by a strong desire to find El Dorado which, to my surprise, appears to be buried somewhere in my LA apartment.

This behavior takes the form of digging furiously at corners, closed doors or cabinets under the sink.

Perhaps he smells something in these places? Unsure.. sometimes this does appear to be a way of getting attention.. I've noticed he can act kind of nuts if he's hungry or maybe needs to go outside.. Lol, I'm just guessing at this point. I've had him for 4 weeks now so still figuring out his oddities.

That said, I would love any tips on helping curb his search for the lost city of gold. Very excited at this point to meet the dog trainer this week.

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@jkent said in Screaming must stop!:

I have a 9 month old who wanted to follow us everywhere at first. It was a lot easier once she was old enough to safely climb the stairs.

As she has matured we are finding that she often chooses to stay in the other room or in her (open) crate as long as the door isn't closed and she can come and find us if she needs us.

Looking back it was quite a short space of time that she had this intense need, but it was hard not knowing when it would end. Letting go and allowing her to follow us made it a lot less stressful.

Interesting.. my B seems to go for anything and everything. The couch, walls, tv console (lol), etc. I can't imagine ever being able to leave him alone anywhere.

Right now I believe a big reason why he can be destructive is I can't exercise him properly since he isn't fully vaccinated. Very excited for that day (9 days~) so I can get this little dude a proper workout.

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@zande said in Rogue is biting.:

@roguecoyote said in Rogue is biting.:

I've been trying to teach her to bite softly by letting her bite me

I think that is where you are starting to go wrong. She should be taught quite simply that biting is out.

Often it is attention seeking - don't let it get any. Ignore her, put her down, away from you, turn your back, walk away. Biting must not get her any attention from you. Rogue has to learn not to bite. You can also try growling at her as her mother would.

@tanza has the right of it. Don't get her over excited or she will bite more. Calm, move away. She will pick up the messages. She's an intelligent girl !

My 12 week old seems to just cling to the body part he's biting. He goes for my ankles (lol) and does not let go so walking away, not paying attention to or trying to pick up and put him down only gives him a new target (my hands). So, the "removing myself from the drama" thing I see said often online doesn't seem to make much sense if he's just going to keep biting as I walk or not let go.

Will try the treat tip earlier in the thread but whew.. some of these bites hurt! Ha

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Haha thanks everyone

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