• Hi! We are a family living in Switzerland and we are looking for a Basenji. How much do you sell it for? In case would it be possible to send it to Switzerland?

  • Hi,
    I bought mine in Schwarzwald , Germany . There are breeders near you also . And the price usually ranges from 1200 to 1500 Euros .
    Best of luck

  • There is a whole world out there with Basenjis. We lived in Hawaii and got ours from N.Z. Cost was $2000 - a lot of it was air fare.
    Stafford Ames Morse

  • We have had our Basenji boy for just over a week. He came to us from Belarus to UK from a wonderful breeder who gave us lots of information, support and contact while we waited for him to be able to travel.0_1621801780638_received_507687556937191.jpeg

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