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Hi all,
Thanks again for the help on this. I would like to give an update on the situation , but before I do so, I would like to highlight that I was thinking of doing the Chip which is supposed to desolve and only lasts for 1 year and then I need to do it again. (I have very little information about that, because I am not this far YET)

I tried everything with Dino. I came to understand that it has nothing to do with me. Many people tell me to relax and so will he, but that is not true. I am relaxed and he is not. He is not aggressive, in fact, he cries like crazy when the other dogs walk away. He wants to play , I get that, but he wants first to assert his position. It is this assertion that makes the dogs walk away along with their owners and Dino to come across as aggressive.

One bad habit he also learned is jumping on other dogs, and pulling me like crazy to reach them. I try to restrain him but of course, he tries harder and many people think I am chocking him. I get lots of dirty looks 😞 . After all he is a Basenji, a con artist. My wife did notice that yesterday as I was explaining to a man (and his little dog) why I am restraining him like that, and told me he really is a con artist, in front of other people he puts on this "I am chocking act" .

This puts me really in a dilemma, I meet many dogs in the street, and many people feel obliged to let the dogs greet each other, I try to avoid, but I cannot do that forever, he needs to ignore other dogs or be calm about it.

I decided I will not avoid other dogs and Dino will have to learn to restrain himself and will only get to say hello if he does that. But how on earth do I restrain him without holding the leash firm to keep him from Jumping ? Other dog owners say give him treats etc... And of course my thoughts yes yes, you obviously do not know basenjis.. How can I restrain him without it looking cruel (as Basenji obviously do not care that they are chocking) ? He did reach his destination many times with this barging , pulling like crazy, and now I need to break this habit.

Thanks for reading and also help and support.


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Hi, my crate training was hard but I got it working to the point that my basenji goes in there willingly . I usually say kennel , he goes inside , and I lock the door and walk out . Two days ago, he watched me getting dressed and just walked inside the crate on his own before I said anything . How ?

I simply kept the best treats only for the crate . When does he get delicious beef ? In the crate ! Chicken ? In the crate! And so he learned to love it .

But this of course after I had many dents in my crate because of his strong jaws bitting.

But now , he goes inside , sleeps and waits for me .

By the way , I tried leaving him in the room , and he chewed on a couple of doors! I tried to leave him free in the car only with a seat belt , I almost had an accident .

Now crate at home and in the car , it works perfect .

Good luck to you .

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Dino is usually on a leash, I live in the city and I don't trust having him without. Also, I took him once to dog beach and another male almost bit him, so decided, always leash my friend .

Usually, the other dog owners come to me, and when he starts growling, usually the other dog owners just go back with their dogs. I do also with Dino. I am a bit anxious, which is wrong I know. I know he also sense that. But really easier said that done. I try.

Also, I am not too worried about it to be honest. I do not think it is a huge problem because I know that 1- It happens mostly with male dogs and 2- Mostly with dogs he meets for the first time.

But in the park I said many dogs go and greet each other and I would love it if it were the same with mine. For him more than me, I want him to Enjoy.

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@donc Hello Donc, thanks for the help and response. Actually I am against castration as well, but of course exploring all possibility provided they are good for the dog and me. All is I want is what is good for my first dog (ever) which I love very much.

I have met a lady in the park once with a 5 year old basenji and she told me that she had him chipped. Chip castration that last only 1 year. She said her basenji cooled off a lot.

In my case, Dino loves (or maybe not) other dogs. He sees them in the street/park and he immediately wants to go to them. Another lady I met in the street with a female dog, told me that Dino is not aggressive , he is simply not sure. My breeder also told me that Basenjis need time to get to know the other dogs.

Well, I try that, but unfortunately no time to so, he immediately starts growling at other dogs (mostly male dogs big and small), dogs that he actually wants to play with. My breeder told me he tries first to assert his status as the dominant dog. But of course, by the time this happens, I am already get this look from inexperienced owners (What's wrong with your dog 😆 )

Today a dog in the part (6 months old) was scared of Dino and also me 😞 . So I would love to get Dino to stop sounding aggressive (which he is not at all) on the introduction phase .

I was lucky to be traveling a lot by train when I first got Dino, so he was exposed to people (Many people) from day one, so he is not shy at all, he loves people and also dogs, but how on earth do I get him to do that ??

I am thinking two options A- Keep trying and B- Stop trying and play only with dogs he already knows and avoid the rest (This is more likely and my breeder also told me that) .

Thanks again for the help...

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Hi Sally,

Many thanks for the message and the clarification. To answer your question, yes he is always on a leash.

I honestly do not want to castrate him, but it pains me a little to have him avoid virtually all males. I always ask in the park Male or Female 🙂 before I let him approach .

you are absolutely right, he is not at all aggressive , he does play with other males once he gets to know them.

My breeder who once a year brings all his puppy owners for a get together and run, told me that I was tense and Dino senses that,. He said, if you relax he will also relax. Well, I must say, I try but it is truly easier said than done 🙂 . I will try some more and also try your ideas..

Thanks again,


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Hello everyone,

My Dino is now 3 years old. I have been waiting patiently for his puberty to be over so he can finally calm down 🙂

He is just a wonderful dog and I spent much time on his training and he is fairly well trained.

The only problem I have is meeting other male dogs in the street/park. 9 out of 10 ends up in an unfriendly way. My breeder told me that Basenji need to play with dogs they are familiar with and if not, they need sometime to get to know the other dog, but of course by that time this happens, it is too late. The owners of the other dogs look at him in a funny way as to say "What is wrong with you? "

It is not a huge problem, but I would really like it very much if he could play with all dogs and not just females. I do not like castration , but I have heard about CHIP Castration which lasts for one year and then it needs to be done again. I met a lady in the park with her Basenji and she told me that since she had done that, her dog behaviour improved a lot. What are your thoughts on this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Apology if this thread already exists.


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Hello everyone,
Many thanks for the warm welcome. Much appreciated. The breeder is Tobias Lentz in schwarzwald , germany.
Dino's father is Walter ( , it is all in german , but you can also see photos of him. And Imani is his mother (
Dino's Pass :
Name: Black Forest Goblins Daredevil
DoB: 13.12.2017
Dino is my first dog ever, so I hope I gave the information correctly 🙂

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Hello everyone, here is a photo of my buddy Dino. We are both happy to register for this Forum.0_1601889082976_Dino.jpg

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