Looking for a puppy/young Basenji in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Hey guys,
    I'm looking for a puppy/young Basenji. I'm located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and willing to travel(up to 700 ish km?). If you have one for adoption or know of someone who has one, please let me know! Thanks!

  • Hi there
    You need to think out of the box. There is a whole wide world out there. We lived in Hawaii and got our basenji from N.Z. Cost was $2,000, most of it air fare.

    Portland, Org

  • Hi there,
    Funny enough, my guy is from a breeder in Pembroke - just down the road from Ottawa! They've had litters on and off over the years, but I'm not sure whether they're active at the moment (last I heard, one of the moms was in a "false heat" and they might try again with her in the summer). In any event, it's easiest to politely contact whatever active breeders you can find in Ont/QC, and I find they're very nice and often able to refer you to others should their bookings be full. That's how I did it. Best of luck!!

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