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@helle-devi said in Looking for a Basenji puppy to join the family in Los Angeles!:

Denise Searcy @ Starfyre Basenji in Nuevo, CA

Great! I'll PM you now. I saw the South Coast Basenji page as well and love how active the community is. I'm happy to see there are events and should I get a puppy this season, that there various meetups so I can make sure he/she can socialize well into and through adulthood. Thank you!

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Thank you! 🙏 I've come across some breeders who don't do health testing, which I just kept pushing, assuming that was a red flag.

I figured I'd need to branch out a bit from just california as well and appreciate the tip!

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Hey There -

My partner and I are currently looking to add a Basenji to our family! I’m hoping there are breeders in California beyond why I’ve been able to find? I’d love to be able to train (as much as one can!) and raise a little one from the very start. I’ve been in touch with a few breeders who have full waiting lists and pretty much have been told “not likely!”. This would be our very first basenji and we mutually agreed to do a deep dive into research and understand what comes. We’ve definitely mentally prepared and hopefully can make further preparations once we know we can bring one home. If anyone knows of anyone in the So Cal area, or in California at all, please let me know!

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