• Hi there, I’ve been searching for a few months now but am really struggling to find a basenji breeder in the UK. Willing to wait and travel to get this breed. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • cast your hunt further. We lived in Hawaii and got our basenji from N.Z. Cost for dog and plane was $2000. He was worth it.


  • There is a member of this group that is one of the best breeders of basenjis in the UK. Because I respect her so highly, I won't reveal her name here. I don't know if she and her husband are still breeding either. So I'll let her answer this query herself, if she wishes.

  • As I've said several times in different threads - Covid has brought out a plethora of would-be Basenji owners, not just in UK but across Europe.

    We are starting to fear dogs being dumped into Rescue when lockdown is lifted and people return to work in offices , having realised there is far more to owning a Basenji than just the facts that they don't bark, are small and keep themselves clean like cats.

    I have had well over 70 - probably 80 now the weekend's crop of enquiries has been dealt with per email and entered into my notes - and am at a loss to be able to tell them of a single breeder who doesn't already have a waiting list full to overflowing.

    Anyone posting me privately will receive a detailed response but it won't carry too much hope for this winter.

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