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There is a member of this group that is one of the best breeders of basenjis in the UK. Because I respect her so highly, I won't reveal her name here. I don't know if she and her husband are still breeding either. So I'll let her answer this query herself, if she wishes.

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Please read the "Zande Put Off" on Sally Wallis' page. Her kennel name is Zande and she and her husband, Marvin, have produced many of the best basenjis in England. I read the "put off" and got my first basenji anyway.😀 I've now had 4 and hope to have another someday.

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So sorry for your loss. We love our furbabies so much and we want them to live forever, but that's just not in the cards. My vet said that the decision we have to make is the gift we give them for all their love and devotion. ❤

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So sorry to hear of your losses. I can't imagine the loss of a child. I have lost many furbabies over the years however. It is a hard thing to go through also. Bless you for loving your Cody so much. I can only hope you are blessed to find another furbaby to love and be loved by. Basenjis are habit forming so maybe another one will rule your life again. Hope so!

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