• Hello there, I joined this community forum because I am looking for a basenji breeder in Ireland or the UK. I have been searching for a new dog since I was forced to give up my Belgian Malinois as it was too dangerous to keep in an apartment. I have been looking online for a smaller breed that would suit my circumstances and I think a basenji is perfect. However I have been unable to find any breeders anywhere. If anyone can point me in the right direction or give me advice it would be hugely appreciated.

    Thank you
    Hopeful basenji owner

  • Mind you I did not give up the Malinois due to laziness or anything like that, I'm a very active person with lots of free time. it was all goin well until the dog turned on me and attacked me, at that point I was forced to give him to a friend who has experience with and space for the breed

  • @mickryan94 said in Basenji breeders in Ireland and UK:

    the dog turned on me and attacked me,

    Was there a reason for the attack? What led up to it? Was there any agression prior to it? How long did you have that particular dog?

  • I had only had him about 3 months and he was already 2 years when I got him. I rushed into it because I was desperate for a dog and he was a beauty. He was very docile and was no signs of aggression towards me in the time I had him. He snapped at 2 of my friends but I had put that down to the human behaviour (1 teased him with food and the other got too close too quickly). I was lying on the floor with him running his side and belly when he suddenly turned on me and attacked me for about 6/7 seconds. It was a terrifying experience. He bit me on the head, arm, and back. After the ordeal the dog resumed to normal behaviour but I was too afraid to keep him after that. I'm not sure what set him off maybe I rubbed him up the wrong way. I still miss him so am now looking for a new (safer) companion.

  • Malinois are very high drive dogs, extremely athletic, and intelligent. That said, the Mal owner I knew emphasized the need for early socialization and firm handling. They are known to be best with an experienced owner, as are Basenjis. Either breed can be aggressive, although most aren't, but if you have a small aggressive dog it's a different kettle of fish to a large one! A Basenji will be a tougher training proposition than a Mal, because of their independent nature. Mals are like GSDs and other dogs favoured by police and military for their trainability and desire to please. Basenjis need a better reason than pleasing you, they need to know there's something in it for them!

  • Could anyone point me in the right direction for getting a basenji in the UK

  • @mickryan94 said in Basenji breeders in Ireland and UK:

    Could anyone point me in the right direction for getting a basenji in the UK

    I think Basenjis are in short supply at the moment. You might check with Sally, she knows the situation pretty well. E-mail on her website if she doesn't reply on this thread.

  • Cast your search further from home. We lived in Hawaii and got ours from N.Z, Cost total was $2,000 including air fare for the dog. He was worth it.


  • You did not do your homework with your malinois . You could have spared yourself, your friends and most of all your dog. A brilliant animal with certain characteristics, most of which not suitable for apartment dwelling. A Shepherd,, then a herder, then a working dog, i.e. a police canine. After the biting incident with friends,you and the dog should have gone to a trainer, a behavior professional someone with the intelligence enough to tell you you have probably chosen the wrong breed. Have you had close personal time with basenjis and their owners. How much do you really understand about the breed. Do you know they are a primitive breed only in the Civilized world less then 100 years. Do you know why the majority of owners do not let them off leash unless they are in a safe area. Do you understand that a basenji must never be struck, even gently, when disciplining them. Did you ever hear a basenji when it is upset or lonely. Do you know how long they can scream if unhappy. I may sound harsh but my first experience with a basenji..started with police at my door, neighbor complaining when i was not home. Then a completely destroyed screened summer,porch, and then destroyed living room, including drapes chairs and carpeting because i had to leave for a couple of hours with him in a large kitchen, gated. Which he climbed. Eventually i had to give him up to a shelter. That was 35 years ago, 20 yrs later i tried again, after doing due diligence. And now have learned to love and understand basenjis with all my heart and mind. You probably will not find a puppy this year, but you can get on a breeders list for next year. Gives you sufficient time to educate yourself and make a happy life for you and your,dog.

  • Breeders in Ireland are few and far between and anyway have full lists at the moment.

    In view of your past experience, I recommend being absolutely sure a Basenji is the right dog for your apartment and for you before rushing headlong into another purchase you (and the dog) might live to regret.

    Spend time doing a great deal of research - read my Put-Off and subsequent pieces on my website and then email me privately. But I don't think you will get a Basenji this winter. They are all bespoke.

  • @mickryan94 said in Basenji breeders in Ireland and UK:

    I had only had him about 3 months and he was already 2 years when I got him.

    Was he your first dog?

    You admit that your dog reacted to being teased. And that your dog was alarmed when someone got into his personal space too quickly... but the attack really came when you were stroking (or petting) him while you were laying on the floor. I'm assuming he was laying on the floor as well. Where was your hand when he attacked? Dogs will bite (even owners they adore) when they are injured or in pain Did you take him to the Vet to check for any injuries?

    My concern is that you don't seem very experienced with dogs. Perhaps spending some time around more dogs would help you learn how to handle different situations and understand dog behavior. Please consider volunteering with a rescue or shelter near you before you bring home another pup.

  • Sounds like you were a bit unlucky with your Mal, getting him at 2 means you weren't the one responsible his upbringing so some of these comments are a bit harsh. Basenji's are great but a lot of people do struggle with them, we for example had to tell Bali "no biting" constantly as his instinct is in nip and bite (not aggressively) anything be doesn't like, or wants to dominate!! He was 8/10 good at not biting then he had a operation, got pampered, slept in our room, and then went straight back trying to take over again.... So we are back to training every day, he's already learning again and is even now secretly turning a bite into a pretend yawn as he knows it's wrong, couple more weeks he'll be better than before. Point is they are not easy to manage.

    In return they do offer a lot of love and will never complain about having you lay next to them, they'll make you stop in the street to tell everyone "he's a Basenji", "Congo", "yes he loves being told how gorgeous his is", and they'll keep watch for those pesky squirrels incase they ever invade.

    Sorry I don't know any Irish breeders, probably worth looking to travel to the UK, but as they are hard to manage it is definitely worth researching into whether you have the energy to train them properly, if not they won't attack you they'll just end up owning you.

  • Hello Michael
    I wonder if you can own a Basenji.
    We have been looking for a Basenji while, and we need help with this as well.
    I was curious about your experiences.

    Thank you

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