• @Éilis . Thank you. I've screened both mom and dad for PRA and fanconi. Both clear. My first basenji died of fanconi, so I know what an awful disease it is. I've also done a coefficient test. It's 0.5%. To be honest, although this wasn't meant to happen. I know that these pups will be of outstanding temperament. I will offer lifelong support for all pups and happily take them back, if it doesn't work. I've got 2 ladies interested one already has a B, so she knows all about them and the other has extensively researched, thank you all, for your help. I'm hoping that a few more people, from this site will register interest

  • @Micah @rachael
    A quick google search would provide this nuanced answer:
    "Any endorsement may be lifted only with the permission in writing of the endorser or of a person with due authority from the endorser (in the event the endorser cannot give permission due to death or incapacity) or by resolution of the Kennel Club Board."

    This is a resource for inquiring about making your request to the KC:

    @rachael Again, I would continue an honest dialogue with your male's breeder, and see if you can come to a resolution together. At least try to reach out once more as you never know. Perhaps agreeing to contractually neuter your male to ensure a mis-step will never occur again could help this outcome.
    These endorsements are in place for so many important reasons to protect the breed; not least to safeguard from unplanned puppies or BYB.
    I'm hoping for the best outcome for these puppies.
    And of course, do keep the forum abreast of the situation, and the details of the forthcoming litter. I'm sure you can find great placements on this forum.
    Wishing you the best!

  • @Éilis said in Basenji Puppies UK:

    I would continue an honest dialogue with your male's breeder

    Great advice... perhaps the males breeder could offer insights into breeding and information on preparing the pups for their new homes. (?) Just thinking that they may be more invested in relinquishing the endorsement if they have a hand in the outcome... or, perhaps, pick of the litter.

  • Update! Puppies are here. 4 girls, 2 boys. Mom and babies, all doing well

  • YAY!!! (please share pics as soon as Mom lets you)

  • @elbrant . Thank you. I'm so proud of her. She did so well. We didn't need to do a thing. Did it all by herself. All arrived healthy and seem to be doing well. I've tried to upload a pic, she's really chilled with us all. I'm a technophobe. Will try and figure it out

  • @rachael said in Basenji Puppies UK:

    I've tried to upload a pic

    Use the "reply" link under the message to get the icon bar to appear.

    The blue arrow points to the icon that allows you to link to a photo online (ex: Facebook). The orange arrow allows you to upload an image from your computer.
    image key

    (note: I have not tested these on a mobile phone... theoretically, they should work the same way.)

  • @elbrant . Thank you will try on my laptop. Whilst writing, can anyone point me in the right direction, regarding supervising. I didn't sleep at all last night. I'm sleeping in the same room with Ada and pups. I'm frightened to go to sleep, but obviously I can't go all week, with no sleep. Will she be OK with them? If I snatch 40 winks? Thank you

  • @rachael Congratulations! Happy to know all is going well. What a beautiful early christmas gift. x

  • @rachael Congratulations!

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