Basenji puppies for sale in uk


VERY old thread.. should have been deleted as person didn't give info. Obviously a backyard breeder.. you don't want to go there. Contact your local basenji club.

Hi There would you mind texting me with prices please for male and female 😁. Thanks




7 year old thread... person not here anymore, not reputable breeder. Check with your Basenji Kennel Club

Hi dear,
Beautiful Basenji puppie it's available here? How much?
Let me know please

It's here available Basenji puppy how much? Have male?

@sdburnip Hi there.
Me and my family would love to get a Basenji puppy. We have garden space, a loving home and time to take the dog for walks

@maff72 This thread is over 10 years old now. It would be better for you to open your own thread to request information about puppies. Make sure you include the general area you are in and the distance you may be willing to travel to pick up a dog. Please do not share private information (like your phone number, address, family composition, etc.) on the post. The forum is open to the public, so it is best to avoid potential safety issues.

Hi !

We are searching for a Basenji pup to buy. Please provide us with more info please ie location price etc,

Many thanks

@inyoni Phillip, the moderator just pointed out this thread is ten years old. You need to start a new one giving details of where you are, at the very least.

None now until next winter. Basenjis are once a year girls. Your research should tell you that😀

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