Looking for a Basenji Puppy / Rescue - based in South London, UK

  • Hi,

    I am looking for a Basenji doggy. I live in South London, UK - next to a massive park.

    I have been reading about Basenji's for a while now, and since buying my own place I have been dreaming of having one.

    Please reach out if you have any information that can help me.


  • Again, go to the Zande website and read about Basenjis, especially the "put off". She lives in the south of England, so she might know someone who will help, if she cannot help you herself.

  • Post me privately (after you have read my website (thanks for the plug, Redial !)) and I will sendyou a list of the Breed Club secretaries. There are quite a few litters on the ground this winter bit I imagine most are sold or at least bespoke. You may need to get on a list for next season.

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