For Sale: Basenji?s Two Males and Two Females for Sale in Idaho, Twin Falls Full AK

  • I find it a little ironic that someone would call someone out about not knowing what "trindle" is. I don't consider myself an expert. Im pretty sure trindle is a made up word. I beleive the AKC color is called Black, brindle and white.

    We are all entitled to out opinions. We are also entitled to breed whatever dogs we choose to. I think bashing the person who is trying to sell this litter isn't going to help anything. Did anyone consider reaching out to this person and helping them make better decisions in the future. I feel after this thread they probably won't be visiting this forum again.

  • Trindle is not a made up word… well all words are made up. But the person put black and white, which it isn't.

    Yes, you are entitled to breed what you want... spoken like a true byb/pm supporter! Again, education and bashing, sometimes it might be pretty close call to say which. But bobbing your head in approval only enables. You go ahead and bob. I can only wonder if your seeking a puppy, having problems etc is leading you to support byb and then get one from a byb? Regardless, half your posts on this forum so far are in support of byb.

  • First of all, I am not a "byb" supporter. I don't know what would lead you to believe this. I feel that the co-bred litter that I have a deposit on comes from two responsible breeders.

    Second, I think that we can all agree that this forum may be one of the places that these puppies would find a suitable home. Definitely much better than a local paper or craigslist.

    Finally, I agree that the person who breed this litter could have done many things better, including not breeding without a home for the puppies. However, the point i was trying to make is that you aren't going to stop them by bashing them over the internet. IMHO it would be much more productive to try and help this person do the right things (if they wanted to continue breeding dogs, because if they want to they will keep doing it regardless of how you feel about it.)

  • I am sorry, my response to you was snarky and not fair. But I felt your posts were also not fair. You cannot educate someone without stating facts, and no sugar coating helps.

  • I had thought the breeder would be posting to this pronto so maybe hasn't seen it. Hope someone lets her know FAST!


    Kim, it appears that either someone is selling one of your puppies for you, or they hi-jacked one of your photos and aren't selling anything… I found this on Craig's List with a different contact phone number:
    AKC Basenji (Moscow)

    Date: 2011-01-08, 11:52AM PST
    Reply to:

    I have a nine week old female red and white Basenji for a rehoming fee. She has AKC registration, first shots and deworming, and has breeding rights. If you are not familiar with the breed they are medium sized full grown. Wiegh around twenty pounds and get about 17 inches. They are a very unique breed with cat like characteristics. They are affectionate, and do well with children, dogs, and strangers IF socialized. They do not do well when left alone, so it is best for a family that someone is usually home or it has other dogs for friends. PLEASE research the breed to make sure it is the right fit. They are hard to find in Idaho, and can be a good companion with the right training. She has been started on crate training, house breaking, clicker training with treats and started on training sit, shake, and down. This breed is not easy to train, but with the right owner will be a great pet. Call or text 208-358-5833

  • The information in the ad gives a phone number for Idaho so it could still be the same person.

  • @lvoss:

    The information in the ad gives a phone number for Idaho so it could still be the same person.

    Actually, if you look on the FB page (there is a link on a different string), you'll see that he shows this exact picture, and indicates that she is "sold".

    I'm thinking that someone either pre-paid for this girl and then changed their mind, or that this person has already paid for her and was told "no refunds"… which is why they are selling her. Either way... I wanted the breeder to know, so he can get his girl to a real "forever" home.


  • And of course, quite possible you are right… sold, done with, probably doesn't care.

  • Two of the four grandparents of the pups have pedigrees that go back to commercial breeders-USDA licensed and one of the other grandparents goes back to BYBs.

    Also this is a repeat breeding from last year. I would think a breeder would not breed a female back to back years and give her a rest.


  • Breeding once a year actually is not a problem health wise. Breeding to produce pets for income… not so much.

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