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Hi to all. Same for me. Although i know most are going to breed shortly in the northern hemisphere, waiting lists arent easy to be included in...

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Thanks for all the data.
With my wife we are so looking forward to have a basenji with us.
I've been lookijg for all the breeders I can. No one has an available puppy nor one available for us in their next litter.
Searched for breeders within the country.. also wrote to Canadian breeders from websites but still nothing.
Its discouraging... how can it be so hard...

Some ask for deposits for litters for years to come... but how can you half pay for a dog in years to come?
Their dogs may die or have any tipe of accident. You can find before those litters in years to come another breeder that isn't so demanded... You would be locking yourself without being able to search for another breeders litter. And still what I've received is all negative responses... nothing.

Is it worth to continue writing to all the breeders we find until I get one puppy for our new family as we would love to?

Should we search for breeders in other continents?
I'm running out of ideas 😞

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Hi! Looking for a basenji puppy. Do you still. Breed?

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We've been looking for months for a male red and white basenji puppy with my wife.
I can't seem to find any.
You told me you had a liason to search uou among all the breeders?

I don't care from what state as long as they can ship it to Florida.
So any breeder throughout the country works.

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Its been months that we are looking for a Basenji with my wife.
Anyone knows of anyone selling one?
Very nice your dog.

Breeders info?

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@elbrant Thank you!
Yes... I've been contacting so many breeders. All I could find from my state and others.
Imagine I'm jn Florida and that one that may be a scam are from California supposedly.

But none have responded me of any availability and we've been searching for months...

I didn't thought it would be so difficult.

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@tanza thanks for that fast response!
I was just sms communicating with them and when asked about the papers they said that because other prospective clients used them for fraudulent activities they now send the papers along with the puppy.
But that we do sign a contract before sending the dog.
How do you suggest for me in this case to ask them to proceed?

Send the puppy and pay later?
Or what other homework can we do if they won't
send the documents because of scamers using the papers for other activities as they say?


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