Basenji puppies are here!

Your name: Robyn Dubbert/ Sherwood Basenjis
Your city, state: near Atlanta, Georgia
Your phone number: Contact by PM for phone number
Basenji(s) For Sale: 3 red males and 3 red females
Age of Basenji(s): born February 23, 2007
Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale: should be 5-8 pounds when ready to leave
Weight of Basenji(s) parents: sire 26 pounds, dam 28 pounds (yes, she is "plump")
Parents health tests: Both parents hips OFA, eyes recently CERF'd clear of all inherited disorders, strip testing clear of fanconi syndrome, lineage clear of hemolytic anemia, patellas vet checked and results will be sent to OFA
Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): Puppies will be AKC "limited" registered. Member Basenji Club of America and Sighthounds of North Georgia
Price: $800
Age when puppies will be ready to be taken home: Minimum 9 weeks
Do you ship your Basenjis: Yes though I prefer for people to come pick them up.

oh congrats robyn! we will be anxiously awaiting pictures!

I put a few pics in the Basenji Puppies photo area. They still look like fat gerbils right now though hehe.

I love fat little hamsters!! So cute!! 🙂 Basenji's are so great. Super adorable as puppies and absolutely regal as adults. The perfect dog!

Congrats! Looking forward to the pictures…you know how we love those pictures!!

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