• Hi, my wife and myself have now come to a point where we are capable and willing to be able to welcome a beautiful Basenji puppy into our family. We are from Preston, UK (England). We would love to have a tri colour or black basenji. We would also like anybody who is a reputable breeder to please contact us. We will not be buying just yet as due to current situation (Covid) we cannot come and view the puppy. We would love to be able to see puppy and parents before we buy. Thank you for your time and viewing the post ViknKrish.

  • Hi, I too have been wanting a Basenji puppy. I joined this group specifically for finding a puppy. In the months since I joined, I have not heard one word from anyone about the sale of a puppy. I will be leaving this forum as it seems to not be helpful other than to provide tips on how to groom or take care of a Basenji. It seems that at this time there is no option for getting a puppy anywhere. Good luck in your endeavor.

  • From what we have discovered it is very difficult to come by a basenji in UK. They litter once a year and breeders have wait lists.

    I also found after emailing many many breeders, not one got back to me.

    We found a basenji on the continent to join our family

  • Thank you for your reply. I will have a look a further field and see if we are lucky to be able to adopt from the continent. Thanks all

  • @basenji2021, @Viknkrish I love that you all want to bring a Basenji into your life. It's something that I have never regretted. Unfortunately, this is a difficult time to find a Basenji puppy.

    • First, Basenji's are a bit different from other dog breeds. They only have puppies once every year and the litters are small, only 4 or 5 puppies. So, the supply is not as plentiful as other breeds.

    • Second, the chaos from Covid-19 has resulted in a huge number of people, like yourselves, who feel like this is an opportunity to get a dog. So, now there is a lot of competition for those puppies.

    Those things do not mean that you won't find a dog. Many breeders have young adult dogs that are looking for a "furever" home. My own B came home to me at 18 months and fit right into the family. So don't lock yourself into a certain age, or color. Open yourself up to "what might be available". You never know...

    Take advantage of the time (while you are looking for your future dog) to ask questions and get more familiar with the breed. This can be an invaluable informational resource for you. If you choose to use it.

  • In the UK at the moment there are at least 5 people wanting every single puppy. My own enquiries list numbers 201 and I haven't bred for some years. Heaven alone knows what the totals really are.

    Bitches are bred during their single annual season, which, in the Northern Hemisphere is between September / November, with puppies whelped November / January. Thus this winter's crop of pups are leaving the nest now or very soon will be - to people who got onto waiting lists back early last year.

    This forum is not a puppy sales forum. But I have repeatedly said I will send email addresses of the three Breed Club secretaries to anyone who emails me privately.

    Just as a matter of record, the same situation prevails almost across the Continent. There are many litters being born in the erstwhile Iron Curtain countries where many breeders ARE health testing the parents for at least Fanconi and PRA. However many aren't.

    Yes, spread the net wider than the UK, but do take care you ensure the parents have been health tested, see the certificates ('Clear' in Cyrillic script looks like NN ! 'Carrier' is NM or MN, I don't have one to hand right now).

    Basenjis are worth waiting for -

  • @elbrant Trouble is, some of these folks are in UK and over here it is NOT common for a show dog to be rehomed on finishing. Breeders tend to keep the one they are going to show, and hang on to them.

    It takes a longer time to finish a dog over here than in USA - OK, it only needs three Challenge Certificates from three different judges (4 if the first three are gained as a puppy, but that is extremely rare) and entries at the 17 or so shows a year with CCs on offer for Basenjis are often much larger than yours so a dog will often take a couple of years to become a champion. So even longer.

    Getting an adult dog almost presupposes someone else has given up on the dog, shouldn't have had one in the first place, or some dire family occurrence which means the Basenji needs rehoming through our wonderful rescue people.

    Different countries, different customs.

  • @zande said in Basenji puppy wanted:

    Different countries, different customs

    There is much I know and much I do not.... thank you for your insights!

  • Hi everybody,

    Thought I'd share a picture of my boy. He is 5 months old and we love him. I was able to get mine to the UK even with Covid going on. Thank you for all your advise.

    Handsome, aren't I?

  • @viknkrish Congrats! Tell us his name, please. πŸ™‚

  • @viknkrish
    Congratulations! He definitely is a HANDSOME Tri! 🐾😍

  • @viknkrish Look at those Basenji wrinkles... on a tri! So cute. Love his mask. Wow... just stunning. Lucky you guys! May he rule your home for many many years to come. πŸ‘Š 😍 πŸ‘

  • @viknkrish so beautiful.

    Mine is arriving today or tomorrow. He is on route and we are so excited.!

    He's on the right.

  • @elbrant his name is Titan

  • @enquiring_mind aww he's cute. How old is he?

  • @viknkrish thank you. He's 5.5 months.

  • @enquiring_mind hi, where did you get him from in the end?

  • @viknkrish he is lovely, and just what you were originally looking for. Where did you get him from in the end?

  • @jeanetteg he's from kennel mysterious talisman in Belarus. Ilona has been so helpful and given me and my family a wonderful pup. He's been a dream the last 24 hours.

  • @jeanetteg we got him from basenji-lucky in Kriyov. Nadiya has been very helpful in getting our puppy and helping with transport etc.

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