Basenji puppy wanted

Hi there, I am looking for a basenji anywhere in the uk. Must be a reputable breeder.

Email me privately. My email address can be found on the websites in my signature block. I will send you a list of breed club secretaries and you can get on a list for the coming winter's crop of pups -

Most, if not all, breeders in this country are reputable ! The market for Basenjis is too small to encourage puppymills (or puppy farms as we call them here). And you will be subjected to Third Degree Interrogation by any breeder you select ! so have a read of my 'Put-Off' and other articles while you are waiting - again on the website.

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The only place I know in the UK that actually requests copies of health certificates from breeders is

I am sure if there are other sites and or places someone will be quick to correct me, but this is the only one I know.

Hope that helps.

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