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I compliment my showing with judging to the breed standard, and as keen supporter of the Basenji Owners & Breeders Association (BOBA), Northern Basenji Society (NBS) and the Basenji Club of Great Britain (BCoGB).
I am breed health coordinator and a Member of the Kennel Club UK.

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The only place I know in the UK that actually requests copies of health certificates from breeders is www.champdogs.co.uk

I am sure if there are other sites and or places someone will be quick to correct me, but this is the only one I know.

Hope that helps.

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Hello, Indeed I would recommend you pop along to one of the Basenji breed clubs in your area.....if you let me know where in the UK you live I can give you the details.

In terms of "in breeding" the breeding COI for UK Basenjis is 3.7% and my own last litter was 1.3%, therefore most (not all) litters in the UK are very diverse because of the large volume of imports over the last 10 years or so.

I would also recommend you consider some research into the health testing for our breed. Health testing is not mandatory in the UK and therefore we are relying on conscientious breeders to fully health test as a matter of good practise.

You will get lots of sound advice from anyone of the three breed clubs so do pop along if you can.

I know there are many litters planning in the UK this winter, so now would be a good time to meet the breed and some breeders.

All the best.

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There is a group in Facebook called "London Basenjis" and has 27 members, hopefully you will find some Basenjis friends there. All the best.

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Hello, found this forum again after some time away. Looks good and looking forward to some interesting discussion.

As a little background I have had Basenjis for 22 Years, my main interests are showing and judging, and occasionally breed a litter when I am ready for a new addition.....5 litters in 22 years!

I am a member of all three Basenji breed clubs in the UK, I am Breed Health coordinator for Basenjis and take a real interest in health matters.

I am a Kennel Club Member and I am approved to award CC's in Basenjis, with my first CC appointment at Windsor Championship Show this year.

All the Best! :0)

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