Basenji puppy wanted

Thirty-something dog lover in Columbus, Ohio looking for a basenji mix puppy. My former boyfriend had a 2 year only basenji-terrier mix when we met. She obviously went with him when we broke up. Truly I think I miss her more than him lol. She was my "mini-me" for over two years and I am hoping to find my own pup to bond with. Looking for a basenji/beagle or similar mix, male, puppy to a year of age. Willing to travel however would like to limit to 100 miles. If anyone has any leads I would really appreciate the help. Thank you!

I know you said male, but last I knew these 2 little girls were available and they think they have some beagle in them.

Seach the Forums, there is a person that had an "opps" litter last December cross with Basenji and Beagle….


Seach the Forums, there is a person that had an "opps" litter last December cross with Basenji and Beagle….

Yes, and she recently had one returned to her…..

The opps is in OK, which I think is further than you want to travel. Keep checking on BRAT, or contact the BRAT coordinator for your region and tell them you are interested in a mix, then perhaps they can refer people to you.

There was an email today on basenji pix that someone is looking for a home for a 12 week old female mix that they found. She is in Ohio. Here is the contact info for the person who found her.

This is Peanut. She has all her shots and is ready to go. We love her but just can not have another dog. We have two boxers and she just chews on them all the time.

Frank klan


awe…they are adorable...I really am set on male though. thank you for sharing:)

yeah OK is a bit far for me…I have been looking into shelters online as well however am finding that a lot of them will not adopt or sell to people out of state. any way of getting around this if they are not within BRAT rescue?

I was the Basenji/Beagle owner in OK…I got the returned girl adopted to a Basenji Savvy home in NW OK.

How about this little guy? he's pretty cute.
He's in PA but maybe transport could be worked out.

Do you check on Petfinder for available dogs?

I would also look on Petharbor and Adopt-A-Pet. It can be difficult to find one under 1 year of age. You might have to go farther in your search or perhaps raise the age to 2 years.


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