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Have you considered a rescue ? The puppy stage is short lived - considered adopting a rescue basenji. There are wonderful basenji dogs in need a a good home.

If you leave a message on our South Coast Basenji Fanciers FB page, I can message you a list of our current breeders. As stated above the bitches only (usually) go into heat once a year and puppies aren't born until late fall/early winter. Now is the time to get in touch with breeders and find one that may be the right fit for you.
There are not many breeders in So Cal, so you may have to branch out looking into other areas.

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@debradownsouth In the State of PA they have somehow messed with the Bitches Cycle so they can be bred 2 times a year. These are the Amish who routinely take their aged Mules to the New Holland Livestock Auction and sell them by the pound. ....

I analyzed the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958 .... I am very familiar with what goes on when it comes to the underbelly of the Slaughter business.

Never buy a Basenji from a Breeder in Pennsylvania!

Well, first, some Basenjis' raised around dogs who have 2 heats sometimes have 2. It isn't really an "Amish" thing.

Second, however I feel about slaughtering animals, the reality is that horses, cows, pigs... when old most are slaughtered. When the US tried to close down all horse slaughterhouses, things got much worse for horses. I'd rather have them humanely slaughtered close by than shipped far away. (We rescued a pony who was in bad shape to avoid her being sold "by the pound"... but you cannot save them all.) It's a topic we are not likely to agree on, but as long as slaughter is done as humanely as possible, I have no objections.

Third, I have yet to see one iota of proof that Great Adventures allows horses to be hunted. This has been going around for a decade. If it really happened, there would be proof.

Fourth.. please do not malighn all breeders from any state as being bad. You don't know all the breeders to say none are worth getting a puppy from!

Pennsylvania has 5 breeders listed with BCOA. They don't list byb and puppymills.

Chris Maxka - Littlestown, Pennsylvania... had best of breed at Westminster in 2017.

Karen J. Hutchison - Lancaster, Pennsylvania ... 25 yrs in basenjis, showing etc. Not a puppymill

Kimberly Brown - Furlong, Pennsylvania ...

Susan McCord-Ledbury - Birdsboro, Pennsylvania ... same... not a puppymill
Veronica A. Predale - Bangor, Pennsylvania ... not a puppymill

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Have you considered a rescue ? The puppy stage is short lived - considered adopting a rescue basenji. There are wonderful basenji dogs in need a a good home.

Both sadly and fortunately, not many rescues out there, especially if you want dogs under 6 and in good health. But many breeders may have older pups that didn't work out in first home or were decided not to be breeding material. They need homes too. 🙂

@debradownsouth The Amish are horrible. Slaughter is never humane. It is in fact ILLEGAL. I am surprised by your attitude regarding Slaughter. One of my Mares who is now 20 years old is coming back to me in October. She was illegally bred and her Foal turned up at the New Holland Livestock Auction. I had to have my friend buy the Filly for $850.00. She is safe and we are preparing for the reunion of Mother and Daughter.

There is a myth that only Old, crippeled and Blind Horses go to Slaughter. It is against the Law to Slaughter a Blind Horse as it is for Pregnant Horses. The Average Age of a Horse being slaughtered is 7 years old. There are more Thoroughbreds and Quarterhorses than any other Breeds. I understand about the Amish breeding 2x and I am still against that. I should have clarified by saying never buy a Basenji from an Amish Breeder in PA.

@antigone Here is the link to Amanda Sorvino talking about how she and I got 10 Horses out of Bravo Packing in 2008. The Horse in the Video is now deceased because she had MERSA. Youtube remover her Video of her following Monty J Merola to great Adventure. 'Buttercup' contracted MERSA by being at the Bravo Packing Plant. It was a filthy place and there were half dead Cows in a small barn waiting to be Slaughtered by Monty's Father.

@antigone - Please stop hi-jacking other people's posts/questions. Start your own

@debradownsouth He was Arrested and then he died. I will refrain from posting Horse related posts. You just did not believe me when I said Horses are taken to Great Adventure.

Now regarding the Basenjis relation to Wolves: Mu dog loved the Wolves and when I would walk the Wolf and the Dog in the Park the Dogs there which included Rotties, Saint Bernards, Bull Mastiffs all pulled their owner out of the Park because Dogs instinctively fear Wolves.


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