Can anyone in this forum direct me to breeders or anyone planning to have a litter this year so I can reserve or buy!
Must be from the UK with the relevant documents and trusted sources.

Many thanks

@rayhus2020 Email me privately. My addresses can be found in the signature block appended to this post. There are no puppies around at this time of year - they are all leaving or about the leave the nest. But I will send you a list of Breed Club secretaries so you can (maybe) get on a list for March 2022 collection of puppy.

Hi my name is Simone, as a child we had Basenjis and I now what a lovely dog they are.
However over the last few years I have watched to see if ever a litter is born but so rare to find.
Therefore I also would like to put on a waiting list for any litters from the uk that will be born in the future( don’t mind how long I have to wait)If anyone can help......
Thank you in advance for any information.

You will need to contact breeders for next year. At the moment they are all just heaving sighs of relief of this winter's crop leaves for new homes. I will send you a list of Club Secretaries if you email my privately.

My name is Rusty the dog lady and I will be breeding in the fall my puppy start at $1,500 on a limited registration with a full complete medical file and limited AKC papers

@rustyb - So in the US or the UK? And are the sire/dam DNA tested for Fanconi?

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