Basenji UK. Male or Female? Pedigree breeder's?

  • Soon to be moving into first house with the Mrs. Sadly she is allergic to Alsacions which is a dog I have grown up with and have a deep love for. After searching for dogs which would not effect her allergy I believe that Basenji's are my best option, I love the long history associated with them plus the obvious beauty of them! I guess I would like to know if a Basenji would be a suitable practice run for the child due in a few years? Ha.
    I like long walks and want an intelligent companion so is a Basenji a good choice for us?
    Thank you, Edward

  • @edefisher88 Basenjis shed and have dander, while they are good depending on the type of allergies, can be good with people with allergies. I suggest that you spend time with them and more than just 20 minutes or so... to see how you react

  • No dog is 100% hypoallergenic, but I would recommend something like a Poodle, Maltese, or Shnauzer. Basenji's shed. Their fur is very fine, and it's not always easy to see, but it ends up everywhere.

    A dog is not going to prepare you for becoming a parent. It's just not the same thing. Not even close. If you want a dog, research the breeds and try to figure out which would be best for you and your wife. If the dog is only a "test run" for your parenting skills, you will be better off becoming a "big brother/sister" or "foster parents". Even just the classes for these activities would open your eyes to what being a parent entails.

    Most dogs are family/pack oriented. Which is great, if you have kids and bring home a puppy. Not so much if your dog is raised without children in the home and then suddenly kids appear.

    Sit down with your wife and think it through together. Consider all of your options. And make the best choice you can with the information you have. Good luck.

  • I very much doubt that you will find a Basenji in the UK this coming winter. Covid seems to have convinced so many people they can now have a dog - and they light upon Basenjis for a number of reasons, often without going thoroughly into the challenges of ownership of one of these challenging little animals !

    All the breeders I know have full waiting lists even after filtering out all but the most promising future owners. I haven't bred for over 10 years but enquiries for puppies still come in, several a week - two just this morning.

    We just have to hope that irresponsible people won't mate un-health-tested dogs, just to cash in on demand.

    It all depends on the allergy - whether a Basenji will or won't affect your wife. They shed, often pretty constantly throughout the year instead of one big winter-coat moult although some lines do have that.

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