Searching for Basenji Breeders in the UK

  • Hello

    Apologies if this comes up a lot - I’m new here.

    I am absolutely desperate to find a Basenji Breeder or someone that offers rescue Basenjis in the U.K. I’ve really set my heart on a basenji and I have lovely home waiting for one of these dogs.

    I’ve attempted to reach out to some contacts I’ve found in the U.K. but the emails never work. Im Manchester based but open to travelling the breadth and width of this island.

    Anyone that has any leads, please reply.

    My second question is how much will a Basenji puppy cost me here in the UK on average? What should I have put aside.

    Kind regards

  • People are breeding from unregistered parents and / or not registering puppies, and asking £2000. But I do NOT advise you to get a puppy from one of these sources. Advice and back-up are not forthcoming. Contact a Breed Club Secretary and get onto a waiting list - probably not until 2023, even 2024. Waiting lists filled up already for most responsible breeders and I am sure you would prefer to get a puppy from one of them. I will send you a list of Breed Club Secretaries if you email me.

  • There is a world out there. We lived in Hawaii and got our Basenji from N.Z. Cost total was $2,000. Most of it was air faare.

  • @zande I think I’ve sent you a message…?! Let me know if you haven’t received one. Thanks 😊

  • Message yes. Email no. I gave you my email address. Better to use that

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