• Good morning America… We just got our first Basenji "Isis" this last Saturday and we are smitten. However it is my responsibility to train her with the essentials, etc. As far as the house training it is going well. We live in Miami in a high rise apt. building and I have installed fake grass on the balcony. It has been a godsend. She does her business there without fail. As far as the night time crating...well I am in need of advise. She goes in no problem into the crate and falls asleep. However every hour or so she starts crying...Then starts the cycle..

    I get out of bed, let her out to do her business, then she falls back to sleep for about an hour, then wakes up again. ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT!. I keep telling myself it is again like having a baby...(we have 4 year old daughter)...

    Should I try to ignore the crying at least for one of the so called "Cycles"... any advise would be welcome.

  • Welcome…. hopefully your pups sire and dam have been DNA tested for Fanconi? (not that she would have Fanconi at this age, but for future knowledge) If not, you should get her DNA tested....

    How old is she? What did your breeder tell you about crate training? And if she is going potty each time she wakes you up, I would say that she needs to go.... If she is just waking you up and if you let her out to potty and she doesn't need to go, then you should let her cry through.... If she is really having to pee every hour ... I would certainly also have her checked for a UTI, not uncommon for puppies to get an UTI.

  • Thanks Pat for the quick response…Isis is 8 weeks old... I got her from Sheila Maxwell in OK. As far as the health she was checked by a vet before we got her. This was only the second night we have had her. The first night it was about every two hours or so that she got up and made noise, so I still need a bit more time to get her use to our schedules. I work nights and get home late, and my wife works early mornings, so tonight a normal weekly routine should commence.

  • Welcome to the forum! I'm sure your Isis is glad to have a real forever home. There is a lot of advice to look through on here, so you may want to spend some time perusing. DexterDex is also new here, and has a thread called, "Sorry if this is repetitive"… you may find some good reading there. 🙂

    Off topic, but you may want to find your local vet NOW, and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Yes, she was checked out in OK, but if there are any health concerns (i.e. kennel cough), it's best to find out sooner versus later... especially if the pup was shipped to you and you have to deal with an out-of-state breeder.

    Welcome again! 🙂

  • Sheila Maxwell doesn't do Fanconi DNA testing (or any health testing for that matter before breeding), I would highly suggest that your have it done, for your own piece of mind. It is not done by your Vet, it is a cheek swab that you order and do yourself. Infomation can be found at www.basenjihealth.org The Basenji Club of America's recommendation is that no breeding is done without DNA testing first.

    And she is still really young, I don't place puppies until at least 10wks, so not a surprise if she is waking up every couple of hours, again if she is really going potty, she needed to go out. Also, Vet checks that would have been done, would not do something like test for an UTI.

  • I take our new pup to the bathroom with me twice a night and she uses her pad immediately then we go back to bed. I do not expect her to e able to hold it all night till she is at least 8 months old as none of my others could

  • @lisastewart:

    I take our new pup to the bathroom with me twice a night and she uses her pad immediately then we go back to bed. I do not expect her to e able to hold it all night till she is at least 8 months old as none of my others could

    Kipawa is 5 months now. We are off to bed at 11:00 p.m. and I set my alarm for 4:45 a.m. every morning to get up and let him pee. I gradually increase the time every couple of weeks by 15 minutes. This has worked well for us. I think Lisa is right about holding it all night at around the 8 month mark, though I am sure each individual dog may be different.

  • With babies, they should be able to go a couple of hours normally, but when is a B normal? Our rescue Kell was 4 mos when we got him, and except for time with first foster, had not been in the house at all. So we had a lot of "get up at nights" with him until he was about 7 months of age. Of course, since he escaped from his crate the very first night and stood up on Duane's side of the bed asking to come in, that is where he slept for 6 mos, when he decided himself to sleep in his crate rather than the bed. Sleeping in the bed makes it easier for them to wake you up of course, he never had an accident in the bed, of course he did have a couple "on purpose' during the day on weekends. He wanted attention and did not want to wait for it!

  • Being only 8 weeks I would think every 2 hours is quite normal. My puppies often haven't been fully weaned at 8 weeks and are then still being trained by their mothers. Your baby is on her own and I'm afarid it's up to you to take her out when necessary even though it's every 2 to 3 hours.

    Don't worry as she grows the length of time will increase and especially when she gets into your routine. It's a wonderful feeling when you wake in the morning and realise you've had no interrupted sleep!

    Welcome to the forum!

  • Thanks all for the info…. Today Isis is going in and out of the crate realizing that food and water are there.....Wish me luck tonight.

  • Just an update for all after one week of Isis being home with us….Potty training is going great....Not one accident in the house yesterday, We leave the balcony door ajar and she goes out and does her business no questions asked. 🙂 She is also seems to be comfy in her crate as well... Not much crying at all and she walks in and out of her "casa". This is to Tanza...

    Sheila Maxwell doesn't do Fanconi DNA testing (or any health testing for that matter before breeding

    Have you heard anything negative about this breeder? I plan on doing the DNA swab soon just for piece of mind. Please advise… Thanks!

  • Sheila Maxwell doesn't do any health testing. And I also know that dogs that she has breed have been in rescue, so she doesn't take back her dogs either.

    When I personally encouraged her to DNA test before breeding, her response was "I have no Fanconi in my dogs, I do not need to test"

    Classic head in the sand, because if you do not test you do not know. That alone is enough to be negative. And please note, on her Puppyfind listing it says that these puppies are ACA registered, not AKC (American Kennel Club) which along with UKC in the US are the only "real" registery

    So there are lots of negatives on this breeder and for that matter any breeder that would just take your money, slap a puppy on a plane and ship it wherever to me is someone that only cares about the all mighty dollar.

  • Irresponsible breeders are everywhere, sometimes it can be difficult to sort them out..there is a excellent link here: http://www.shilohshepherds.com/puppyBreeders/breederMatrixv4.htm on how to tell if you are getting a pup from a good breeder (obviously we are looking at the last 2 examples on the right).

    The best thing you can do now for your furbaby is to go and immediately get the pup tested for Fanconi on the OFA website. The DNA swab is really simple and quick. It's worth knowing in the long run and will set your mind at ease, and as always the forum is here for you!

  • Isis is darling! By all means do a 'well baby' visit with your vet, and order the DNA swab for fanconi, huge peace of mind. I had a wonderful Isis many years ago, I love the name!

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