• Last night I was sitting on the couch watching TV and eating a few pretzels. All of a sudden I feel this paw on my shoulder 🙂 tap tap tap. I ignored it but soon felt a heavier paw on my shoulder and someone tugging at my hair :rolleyes:. I carefully looked over behind me, and here's Gossy half-standing trying to daintily tap me. When she saw me looking she got this weird look on her face and then tried to tap at my mouth :). She can be such a clown sometimes - a dainty clown.

  • Hah. Kananga does the same, especially when people are over. He'll be standing behind the couch with his paws on top.

    Aren't all Basenjis clowns at times? That's what makes them so entertaining to us (and makes up for the times they drive us insane). 😃

  • Maybe she fancied a Pretzel 😃

  • All mine have climbed up and lay on the top of the couch especially since it's in front of the living room window facing the front yard. Now Buddy likes to chase flies around and they fly to the front window where jumps up and tries to jump around and balance on top while nipping at the fly. One day I heard "Boom"! Looked in the living room and no Buddy and the curtains were moving around. Seems he fell off and landed behind trying to get out.

  • It's the old story pick-a-boo I see you and what are you eating??

    Rita Jean

  • I have read somewhere that Basenjis like to be up high.
    Benjis favourite place was on the back of the settee. It used to often be in the sun and also he could watch what was going on. Trouble was if i placed the settee too near to the window he stepped onto the sill and wiped his nose all over.

  • @thunderbird8588:

    Maybe she fancied a Pretzel 😃

    Ha, ha, ha…I bet you are right! :D:D If it were my girl Ruby, she'd be tapping with one paw, wait until I turn around and reaching in the bag of pretzels with another paw. 😉

  • 😃 Ooohhh I love those silly B's….

    Did she finally got a pretzel?

  • My dogs do this all the time. Well, Lexi does anyway- she's the only one who can fit/balance on the back of the sofa. 😉 ha! And she'll tap your head in a heartbeat if there's something you have that she wants! lol

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