Stormie's 1st dinner at his "Gramma's" house

  • My Mom was never particularly a dog person, but has always adored cats. I was certain that she'd love Stormie and was so excited about their first meeting! Mom made a nice dinner and Stormie and I went to her house for Storm's first visit. All was going well, and I could tell Mom was enamoured of my beautiful red and white boy - he cleaned his paws like a cat, sat nicely while she petted him and was a perfect gentleman - until dinner. We sat down at the dinner table and Storm was being curious about the food (of course). Apparently he was getting more and more aggitated the more we ignored him while we ate - how dare we?! lol! Next thing you know Stormie is flying from the back of the recliner onto the middle of the dining room table! Not a great way to make a first impression for sure! I was so red in the face :o , and I had no idea how Mom was going to react to his paws in her mashed potatoes - luckily she laughed! She became so smitten with her "grandsenji" that she adopted one of her own. She's now the proud Momma to a little red and white girl named Tiki. And here I thought Stormie blew it! lol! I should've known better - his eyes get him everywhere!

  • Oh wow! That must have been startling!! We have only had one b land on the middle of the table…and he was a guest. Ours have never even thought to jump on the table, so it didn't occur to me that our visitor,Bubba Roi, might think it was okay jump right up. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw him proudly standing there!!

    Andrea Walters
    Quercus Basenjis

    Toledo, Ohio

  • There's no animal so resourceful as a hungry basenji. They were slighted you know for centuries being last in line at the cooking pot.

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