• I just wanted to put this out there. My friends dog ?Wave? was hit yesterday by a car, and didn?t make it. This would be Tari Parish?s dog. He had recently found a new home, but squeezed out the front door yesterday. Wave was about 5.5 years old. I hope Tari, and the new family the best in dealing with this loss. It?s always a shame when something like this happens.


  • Houston

    So sorry to hear about Wave..please give your friend my biggest hugs and condolences.

  • so sad to hear about Wave; he was a beautiful pup

  • How sad, but we all know how easily these "critters" can and do escape… and how they have no respect for cars.... It is one of the things that I so strongly stress to people interested in the breed.

  • First Basenji's

    Yes, please give your neighbor hugs! Losing a pet at an elderly age is one thing, but to have life taken away so abruptly is so much harder to accept. Speaking from experience.

  • I'm so sorry, that is such a terrible way to lose a basenji, but we all know how agile and slippery they can be. I'm very sorry for your friends.

  • Big condolences to your friends. How sad to have to lose a beloved pet so young.

  • I am so sorry my prayers go to all of them. I hate the front door when B's are in livingroom I do so worry about one them getting out.

    Rita Jean

  • I'm very sorry for their loss…

  • I lost my first basenji that way - I totally understand.
    Sorry for the loss - hugs hugs hugs.

  • We met Wave when we first went to Tari's house a few weekends ago to look at her available dogs. He was so friendly…never a moment's hesitation to come greet us enthusiastically.

    We were both saddened to hear of Wave's tragic accident...it happened the night before we arrived at Tari's place to pick up Flame, and she had just buried Wave that morning.

    It's bad enough to lose a beloved pet when they've lived a long life, but to lose one so unexpectedly in that way has to be even harder.

  • Sorry to hear of your loss…I'm not familiar with Wave but I know it must be hard. I am OCD when it comes to opening the front door, my B has to be in the other room or in her crate...silly perhaps, I don't know. Peace be with Wave.

  • Thats so sad! Basenji's DEFINITELY have NO respect for cars….Anubis is ALWAYS on leash...but when a car goes to pull into my driveway or something he will try to walk right to it when its still moving! He has NO idea that cars can hurt him.

  • To add, we have signs on all of our doors that lead outside and inside that are bright yellow with the silhouette of a basenji and say "Don't Let The Dog Out". This way, when anyone comes in or out, they are reminded. The signs go around the door handle, and if I remember correctly, were only a couple of bucks each.

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