The pups tackle the world, uuhhh the yard

  • It was a rare, warm day today so I took the pups outside.

    Ugh! Mom, why did you put collars on us?

    Let's go!

    Hey, what's that smell?

    Spot has to see what the pups are so interested in.

    Pretty Blaze

    Why did you put a pink collar on me? I'm a boy! See?

    Move over Bro

    Hey look! A duck!

    Where's Waldo? I mean, Rainie.

  • Oh, these photos are priceless…love the last one..jail break..he didn't get out did he??

  • Got a love em!

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Oh, these photos are priceless…love the last one..jail break..he didn't get out did he??

    No. He is to the point where I can tell him "off" and he drops back down into the yard. He doesn't seem to want to go anywhere. He just wants to look around. Here's another one of him in his favorite lookout spot.

  • First Basenji's

    Love the captions. Rainie's such a showoff… 🙂 That's pretty good if you can prevent him from going all the way with just a vocal command. I guess it's some kind of mutual understanding!

  • omg what cute little chunks! LOL love the "hate this collar" behaviors.

    Robyn, what if you put a wire crate up there on a perch somehow for him to get in, look out and feel king of hill in?

  • Very cute!!

  • Houston

    Adorable…how much fun with all of tehm around..I bet..Rainie cracks me up..I had, in the past, a dog that would jump up on our 8' tall fence and just sit there on the 4"x4" a squirrel, he would jump out, go pee and then jump back in again..

  • Puppy chubby - love it! Those are sweet looking little ones!

  • LOL I want the gender-confused (as in MOM confused, pup has to illustrate) boy. 🙂

  • Gotta love the climbers. I have a 6 ft. privacy fence and Willow will climb over to chase the neighborhood cats if she is left alone outside.

  • Great pictures but I love the one sitting on fence in lookout.

    Rita Jean

  • What adorable, plump little pups! The weather looks ideal for Basenjis!

  • What cute little pups, love to see them exploring the world.

  • Oh my goodness! They are all so cute! Rainie just likes an elevated view 😉

  • Oh, they are adorable! Those little pink paws, needle teeth and chubby bellies. Basenji pups really are the cutest ever, especially when they give you that "who me?" look with the wrinkled brow. I think I'm just about ready for another puppy.

  • and, coincidentally, here's yodeldogs with puppies available. hmmmm… kismet?

  • Great shots Robyn…. makes me glad that we have 12' privacy fences with no way to get a foot hold to climb

  • Pat - 12' privacy fence? wow!

  • @yodel4me:

    Pat - 12' privacy fence? wow!


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