• So I was finally able to get a Basenji and in the best possible way. He is a rescue. He came from a Kentucky shelter (2 hours away from being put down) to a Canadian Shelter. Someone had put him down a garbage shoot at their apartment building. He is a Basenji mix. Not really sure what he is mixed with. Kent is 7 months old, about 23 pounds and full of so much love. Here are some pictures of the new love of my life. Anyone have any ideas of what he could be mixed with?

  • WHAT A CUTIE PIE! Congrats and thanks for rescuing!

  • Very sweet looking little dog. Glad you found each other! Not sure what the mix could be, but his legs look shorter than an average Basenji, so that might be a clue…

  • I can't believe someone put him down a garbage chute!! He is a cute little fellow. Looks happy too. Congrats on your rescue.

  • First Basenji's

    I'd say he's mixed with a generous proportion of CUTE.

    Congrats on such a sweet find. You both got very lucky in finding each other.

    Were they able to catch the despicable person who put him down a garbage chute? No matter his past, he's in good hands now. Welcome to the forum!

  • @curlytails:

    Were they able to catch the despicable person who put him down a garbage chute?

    It was probably Jack Nicholson. 😉 ("As Good As It Gets")

  • hahah thanks everyone. He is definately a character but as sweet as pie. I will post some more pictures with a better camera tonight!

    I hope they found whoever put him in the garbage! Thankfully the amazing rescue centre up here took him under their wing or I wouldnt have this amazing little man in my life! It's been 3 days and he has already stolen my heart and my energy. haha It takes a lot to keep up with him but he is so well behaved already. I am just waiting for him to get more adjusted so I can see the true Basenji come out!! hahah

  • Congratulations obn giving Kent a good home and he's so sweet.

  • Houston

    So sweet..Thaak you so much for opening your arms and home to this little charm troll of a pup. He will have you wrapped around his paw in no-time..:)

  • aww, he's so cute.

  • It's sad that someone would treat such a handsome boy like garbage, but at least we know he's in a much better home now. 🙂

    He will grow up to appreciate the change of life.

  • Kent is adorable 😃

  • Lucky pup to wind up with you. He really is cute.

  • @curlytails:

    I'd say he's mixed with a generous proportion of CUTE.

    I totally agree! Thank you for saving this little doll! I look forward to the impish stories! :):D:)

  • Thanks again everyone. I am so head over heels for him. I now think that he may had a tad bit of putbull in him. Not much but the straight long tail and huge paws might be my answer. Either way he is such a sweetheart. I took him on a hike and I was brave enough to let him off the leash for a while and he didnt leave my side. He even got his feet wet in the creek. He is already sitting and laying down on command and eating bones on his mat. I adore him! I have wanted a Basenji for a very long time so it feels great to have rescued one on top of everything. He is a true gem! Can't wait to share all my stories and hear yours as well!

  • Congrats on your new pup..he's a cutie!

  • Those ears are adorable! Thanks for taking him in. Our rescue Kell has brought a lot of joy into our lives.

  • He is sooooo cute!

  • Rescue dogs ROCK!

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