Our new pup, Dexter!

We got Dex a week and a half ago. Here are some 4 month shots, thought I should share! 🙂

Gorgeous coat - and he is such a cutie! In your second picture, we had the exact 'tail' toy! However, it went to dog toy heaven pretty quickly. 🙂

I expected the same to happen on our end, but he's unusually gentle with the tail toy! He does love to throw it though

Is his daddy Ojo?

Oh my goodness… What an absolute CUTIE. Major jealousy. 😃

What a little sweetheart. Love eye to eye.

Rita Jean

He IS adorable. Did you end up getting a puppy from Kyle?

Yes, we went through Kyle and we're so glad we did! His dad is Ojo and his mother is Portia. He's a really special little guy - will make a great therapy dog for the local Children's Hospital!

Congrats! He is super cute…I don't think I have ever seen the tan bar above the nose before..maybe because they often have white there..he looks like a sweet heart 🙂

He looks much like his Dad.


wow…how adorable is he...I love your pictures, they are all so good..

Congrats…he is adorable. You are so lucky and I am sooo jealous. I so wanted an Ojo puppy. I was absolutely smitten with his brother.

You have a sweet pup - I met him in Harrisburg - very nice pup! You will be very happy with him and you chose a great breeder!

WOW what a cutie! Is he full Basenji? He's SO awesome looking!!


WOW what a cutie! Is he full Basenji? He's SO awesome looking!!

His sire, Ojo was imported in 2006

Unknown African Sire
Avongara Ojo
Unknown African Dam

Here is a link to Kyle's site http://www.kaleonahe.com/puppies.html

He is a real cutie! And so alert - his eyes just shine with inquisitiveness! You must be so happy with him.

Adorable. My pup is also from Kyle. I was very curious to see how these guys would turn out. He looks great!

Congratulations…what a beautiful puppy 🙂

He is beautiful - such a shiny coat, and his markings are very pronounced. You must be thrilled with him.

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