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0_1559609165765_F738B913-BA71-43AF-ADD4-95642AFE0860.jpeg We very recently adopted a dog from a very responsible college student who rescued him as a two month old abandoned pup. Upon research, I came upon the basenji breed. Our boy, Flynn, is very quiet. He only makes noises when my other dog is excited and barking. Flynn has barked on two occasions, both as a single bark, and I have heard him howl. I had read about basenjis being paper shredders so invited Flynn into the bathroom with me. He immediately![alt text](image url) grabbed the end of the toilet paper and ran. To me, he’s got the exact markings, but his head appears narrower in the jaw and the muzzle is longer and thinner. What do you think? !

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@nansman it's a good possibility. Do you have standing side pictures?

(IMHO) Mixed breed, with some Basenji attributes.... cool looking boy though. Enjoy him!

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Wow! He is a handsome impressive looking young man!

I'd say there's a good chance that he has some Basenji in him. A DNA test will tell you for sure. Attractive boy, I love the Black and Whites.

![alt text](0_1559684890392_BC9BADCE-D33B-41D4-A267-9DDFC317BA5D.jpeg image url)
He looks a lot
Like my layla

Watch him bark. Basenjis do have a sound like a bark or a cough which is a single note (noise) and ends with the mouth open. Other canines bark and the mouth ends up closed.

He looks very Basenji like to my eye but a DNA test will confirm it. Whatever he turns out to be, you are both lucky ! He for finding a forever home and you for finding such a smart young man !

Enjoy many years together !

He's most certainly got a lot of Basenji in him and could possibly 'pass'!! Joking apart, check out his bark - the noise is made differently to other dogs as Sally has explained. He seems rather big for a basenji and his coat looks rather longer.. Does his tail curl over his back? Its loose from the photograph but Basnjis will stand like that at times. Whatever he looks a lovely boy.

Your Flynn is a beautiful boy looks like there is at least some basenji in there. I hope you and Flynn enjoy lots of love, laughter, and Basenji mischief in your life together!!!! XOXO

His tail is mostly swordlike, but bends up at the half way mark when he’s interested in something. I’ll be watching him when he barks to see about the mouth being open or shut.

Gorgeous boy! Definitely Basenji in him.

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