• Hey all! A lot of you have helped me already with my thread on the puppy boards, so to say thank you, here's a picture of Paco, our almost 9 week old Basenji. 🙂

    We've already got a story to tell - because he wouldn't be a Basenji without getting into trouble! We put some lattice under our outside stairs to keep him from escaping underneath them, and he got his head stuck in the lattice! No amount of careful pulling could get his head back out, so we had to get a knife and carefully hold him to the side and cut the lattice to free him. We're watching him more carefully over there now for sure.

    I'm loving his personality so far. The first few hours was all exploration, and for the most part, we let him be. He loves his crate and the toys we got him, and he doesn't nip at all when he does choose to play with us (I'm really happy about the no nipping thing…I really don't like nipping at all). He entertains himself for the most part, but does let us know when he wants our attention...and if we don't give it, he's already started chewing furniture corners. Operation Bitter Apple is in full force!

    We caught him in the act of going "number 1" twice and placed him on a puppy training pad on the balcony...the third time he went straight to it and got a treat and lots of praise! Then he went "number 2" somewhere else on the balcony. I caught him then as well and placed him on the pad, but he was done. I'm glad he chose to go outside at least, though, so no complaints!

    We gave him his first bath and have played a couple rounds of tug-of-war. So far, I couldn't have asked for a better pup. 🙂

  • Welcome Paco! Sounds like wonderful Basenji to me. I love a ll the white on his face.

  • Welcome Paco, so cute!

  • Paco is gorgeous, i love his White blaze, sounds like he will keep you on your toes 😃

  • Welcome to the forum Paco!! You look so so cute! 🙂

  • He's more than happy to be here! Quietly napping in his crate now - this is almost too good to be true!

  • Welcome to you and Paco! He is a darling pup, you are in for many adventures.

  • Yay! Another tri pup!

    Im loving all the new puppies on the board, its great. Paco is gorgeous!

  • Thanks all! He's been an absolute EASE so far on behavior…maybe he'll make up for it later when he realizes what kind of dog he is. 😛

    I'm honestly having more trouble with the 5 mo. old chihuahua mix upstairs sigh He's a real brat and wants to do everything you don't want him to do, and nothing you do want him to do. He's a real nipper, too, which makes it really difficult for me not to get mad at him. Patience, patience, patience...

  • Houston

    He looks a lot like Pearl! You have a beauty! Wow!

  • Very cute puppy.

  • Adding some more pictures; definitely showing off Paco, and not my photography skills here. I've been meaning to charge the camera battery and set some time aside - but he just keeps me too busy to remember! 😛

  • He's a happy looking Pup, in the first pic he looks like he was yodelling. Has he bumped his nose?

  • Yes; came home one day and it seems he hit his nose trying to escape the crate; it's healing well, though. He was definitely making noise in the first one, lol, more howling than yodeling, but he definitely wanted me to stop taking pictures and to start playing.

  • What a gorgeous baby! I love how much white he has on him - really striking!

  • Thanks, Maya. 🙂 It was only after I got him that I found out that he had a bit more white on him than normal - but for us and where we live all it means is extra wipe-downs to keep the white looking that way! 😃

  • I can imagine 😃

    I like plenty of white on them myself. Maya has a fair bit of white on her face and i think it gives her a really sweet expression 🙂

    Cant wait to see more pics of Paco as he grows!

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