Basenji pup bed

LOL the poor Dane doesn't even MOVE.

Someone here posted a picture of a basenji in the middling of their dining table with a caption "The basenji in it's natural habitat".. does anyone remember who?

OMG that is way too funny!

Hilarious! I guess a warm spot is a warm spot wherever you can find it.

People were commenting about the calm Dane. No, I told them. Like most dogs who live with basenjis, I am sure it simply learned the dog will NOT GIVE UP and just quit objecting cause it knew it would do no good.

Ha! That's fantastic!

That's a Basenji - determined to be comfortable even if it's got to be uncomfortable to do it! 🙂

I love this video… Such typical B behavior, makes me want a great Dane for Oakley, it'd probably be the only bed he wouldn't chew up!

I have so many pictures of puppy Zest sleeping or crawling on top of Mucha the malinois. Unfortunately Mucha passed away at 5 years so those two only had a year together. I still miss her; I think Z does too.

LOL I still remember poor Mukat, my Rottie who really ran away from puppies in all stages. she was minding her own business laying in the hall and Awen saw her. She turned around and began BACKING down the hallway, turning her head to look ocassionally. Mukat's face expressed HORROR. But what could she do with dignity? It wasn't really LOOKING at her. It wasn't REALLY doing anything threatening that would justify her fleeing. Plus, to flee she had to go PAST IT in the hallway. So Arwen kept backing. And backing. And then she got right next to her and sat on her. If only I'd had my camera. Poor Mukat. She just stayed totally still, praying it would move eventually.

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