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My little girl has one also. It's also the size of a grape but it's soft and I can push it back in. No issues with her since there is no constriction of the soft tissue but sounds like that is what is happening with your little guy. If that ever changes she will need surgery. Good luck!

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Doggie daycare twice a week keeps my house mostly intact and doesn't break the bank. Don't forget the balance of mental and physical stimulation plus socialization makes a happy puppy. My girl is 1 1/2 now. Good luck!

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Aw Oakley. You need to have a talk with Greta. She not only holds it all night but in the morning I have to drag her out of bed and she still won't go. I won't play games so she holds it all day till I get home from work- and she's not crated. Only once did she poop inside and that's after 3 days of torrential downpours and it came out like a rock. Bladder of steel.

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Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

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Remove the ? from the facebook URL address to get to the page. Cute pics!

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I can tell Greta's mood by her tail curl. Tight tail=loving life! Tail down=rain/ tired/ nervous/ relaxed. And she wags a loose tail to all her buddies at first greeting.

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My favorite pic is the one with the lab running with our B's. I think I see two out of twelve feet hitting the ground.

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There was no lure in the last couple pics…they were just running around in the dog park which was right next to where the luring was set up. And yes Greta likes to cheat at the game of chase by going for the tail. On the luring side the dogs were mostly running solo.

The only time her and Oakley exchanged words were when they were on leash but once they were off leash they ran and had a great time!

It was another female that Greta had a problem with in the past, so not sure what she was saying to Oakley other than " let me off this leash so I can get at your neck" lol. I think she rather liked him once they were able to run free.

I was happy to take the pictures, especially when you said you didn't have many of your little guy. 3 dogs and a camera, multitasking at its best!

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He's gonna have a great time! It'll be Greta's second time and I can't wait to see how her older B mix brother does. See you there!

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