Snuggly Pup

Is she not just the most precious little thing ever? 😃

Your a good mom to keep that b warm. Cute photos.

We dont have much choice in that, if Maya sees a blanket she gets in it!!

Its the same at bedtime, she races everyone to the bed, gets under the duvet RIGHT in the middle of the bed and me and Delilah (and BF if he's there lol) have to fit around her!!!


So sweet. She is a snuggle bunny alright..
We had a power outtage last night for 5+ hours so it was very hard to sleep in the heat (80's even through the night+humid galore), so I went out to our living room to sleep and Otis wanted so badly to snuggle..well it is hard to snuggle when there is no blanket, but he did his best and curled up on my chest all 24 lbs of him, he slept like a baby, me ..not so much..but it was sweet.

Soo cute…....

Great pics of beautiful Maya !!!:)

That first pic.. That's exactly how Tillo looks at night when he has just positioned himself under his blanket.. Very cute pics!

OOOhhhhh she makes my mouth water, lol

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