Happy 5th birthday to Trog

Today our baby boy Trog turned 5, he will always be a puppy to us.

FC Apu Tri Roo of Ganes, MC, JOR, Fch

A very Happy 5th Birthday to Trog!! What a handsome guy too!


Happy Birthday Trog, sure is one handsome boy.

Congrats to Trog on his 5th birthday! And he still does have a bit of a puppy look in his eyes.

First Basenji's

Happy birthday Trog!
Quite the physique. Now that's a dog in his prime!

Thank you everyone, he and Xander have been having quite a good time at his birthday party while I am at work.

I like then they have lots of white đŸ™‚

I will try to get some good photos posted of our new baby girl, she is just 4 weeks this weekend, but has a beautiful full white collar and nice white on her muzzle, she is going to be a striking little tri. I can't figure out how to get a photo to attach once I've created a thread.

The photo took this time, the itty bitty tri is going to come live with us:)

Happy Birthday to Trog and to the Babies.

Happy birthday Trog - love the spots and love the name. Congrats on the new pup! đŸ™‚

OMG.. what a cute pup! Congrats!

ugh . . . puppy toes!!! I LOVE puppy toesies. they're so pink and smushy.

and hippo birdie Trog!

oh, squeak!!!! look at that itty bitty tri face! and those pink puppy paws. aye aye aye, y'all are killing me with these puppy pics! i never feel this way about human babies; what is it about little baby animals?!?!?!

That's such a precious picture!

Happy Birthday Trog! And oh my goodness Lisa! I didn't know you were getting a puppy this year! Enjoy đŸ™‚


oh Lisa, super cute…congratulations..so happy for y'all and Trog..a new sister..jippea.

I just joined this forum at the suggestion of Patty M. Have been a BRAT member since it was founded in the mid-'90's. We had four basenji siblings, a year apart, bred near Boulder CO where we used to live.

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