• Hi! I was so happy to have found this forum! Like many of you, we have adopted our new dog from a rescue organization, and we suspect she is a Basenji mix. We wanted to get opinions on whether or not she could be a Basenji mix, to learn more about this breed and what to expect for our girl. I’m very curious about the joint/hip health for this breed, as she was hit by a car and has a broken pelvis and femur. While the pelvis has healed properly, the femur has not, and she is facing a surgery called FHO, where the ball joint of the femur is removed and a false joint of fibrous tissue and muscle forms. The outcome is generally excellent, but I am worried about her as she ages, her other hip joint may be more susceptible to problems. Are Basenjis known to have hip or joint issues?

    She does make single barks, but not often. She makes what has been described as “baby dinosaur” noises. Her belly is spotted, but her tail is long and straight. She weighs about 24lbs.

    Thank you for your opinions and insight! We love our girl and want to give her the best that we can!

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  • Bahahahahaha, she is DARLING! I love the "baby dinosaur noises." My basenjis make demonic noises we say are calling their minions.

    For FHO, it has great results with smaller dogs but I've known of many larger breeds (Rottweiler, GSD, Golden Retriever) who did superb and never had any issues.

  • @pipermom
    She is a Cutie! Definately looks part Basenji to me. She has the BASENJI GAZE and ATTITUDE.

  • She sure is pretty. I'll leave it to the experts here on the forum to answer whether or not she has Basenji in her, but it looks possible to me!

  • @pipermom She sure is pretty and I see some Basenji in her. It is hard to completely erase those ancient features. My B had Cancer which was when she was 12. She relapsed at the age of 16 and that was when I had to put her to sleep.

    Surgery is always expensive but if the Vet says it is required then I would get a 2nd opinion before you pay thousands of dollars for the Surgery.

    Good luck!


  • @debradownsouth
    I love it!!! Summoning the minions! 😂

    Their little sounds are so endearing, we laugh so much listening to her.

  • @kembe thank you!!! ☺

  • @katzmeow thank you! We love her distinctive features and pretty face.

  • @antigone I’m so sorry to hear you lost a pet to cancer. But so wonderful that the first time the cancer was put into remission so you could have more time.

    Fortunately the FHO surgery will be paid for by the rescue organization if it is necessary. We have a consult on January 18th to go over the x-rays and discuss the treatment.

  • I should worry more about the other hip suffering problems later on if you don't have surgery one the poorly one. i.e. maybe you should get it done to balance her again. But your Vet will advise you of all the implications, I'm sure.

    Meantime, just love her - she's a pretty little girl.

  • @pipermom - Basenjis are not know for hip problems, however in this case since there was an accident involved makes it totally different, in my opinion. What does the Vet say?

  • she is a doll! Ao glad you found each other!!!! XO

  • I love those front paws crossed, so dainty!

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