The CK's finally found you!

Hey there everyone! I'm Charis Kehler. My husband Chris and I are new B owners. After my 14 year old lab cross died 5 years ago we started researching what breed would be good for our next dog. Once we saw the Basenji profile we knew we had a match! We live in Manitoba and Basenjis are rare here so we looked around for another 3 years before we found a litter within driving distance. We got Congo this last October and he is the light of our life! We're working on the chewing thing and the ranking games in the evening but each week our little guy is calming down and behaving more like a well trained dog and less and less like a teething Tasmanian Devil. 😉 We're glad to find a community of people who love the crazy puppies as much as we do.

Welcome to you and Congo! I'm sure you'll find many stories on here that sounds like your little devil… 🙂

Welcome aboard, I'm relatively new here myself. Nice to see these forums are active and still gaining new people!

Nice to meet you! Nice to see fellow Canadians on this site. This site has a whack of information. I flew my first B in from Vancouver. My second one we got from the same breeder but we drove down there to pick him up. He howled the whole way home unless he was on our lap. What a nightmare 14 hour drive! But in the end it was totally worth it. Good luck with your B.

Welcome to you and Congo. You'll find a lot of help on this forum.

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