• Hi were Ed and Tammy from California. we just got our first basenji a few months ago, and are having a great time with him. He's a real handful but it's worth it, he's such a great dog. we look foward to being active members of the basenji forums. i've seen most of the pictures posted here, and i must say those are some cute dogs. we'll try to put some pictures of our dog puma up possibly this week. thank you! -eD and Tammy

  • Hi and welcome! I'm kind of new too and it's a lot of fun to see and "hear" about other Basenjis, etc. They are all so cute, aren't they? Congrats on the new pup and "enjoy the ride"…they are handfuls, but definitely worth it!

  • Welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing pics of your dog(s).

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